Medieval History

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This term Social Studies is all about Spain’s history. We are learning so much about how Spanish citizens lived. We have learnt about their every day life, different religions, and how things have changed since the first recordings of man.

We have found it very interesting to learn how Spain developed into a powerful empire. It was the Catholic Monarachs Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand who paid Christopher Columbus to make his historic trip. It´s very funny to think Christopher Columbus travelled 4 times to America believing that each time he was in India. He died not knowing that he had discovered a new continent!

We have done lots of research on Christopher Columbus and did you know that nobody knows where his body was buried?

We have also done lots of art work. Such as cave paintings, where we painted with sticks. We have made castles and today we made Maya masks. Who would have thought history was so interesting?

Martí Salvador and Joan de Castro

Maths is everywhere!

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Maths this term has been really interesting. We have done a lot of practical maths which has been so much fun! Every Monday we turn into detectives and use maths to solve murder mysteries. Some of us are going to be great policemen one day!

Last week we brought in board games.

When we were playing them we were actually doing maths. For example in the game of Monopoly we were using money, counting and probability. It was great to be so rich and to be able to buy so many houses and hotels. It wasn’t much fun being sent to prison though!

Another group played a game called Life . The aim of this  game is to make a  new life for yourself. In this game they  used lots of different maths operations such as adding and dividing. Again this was another game which involved the use of money and probablity

We are also trying really hard to improve our times tables. Although we know them, we are trying to be faster with our responses. Every week we do mini competitions and its really exciting. We really are getting faster at them!

This term we have also looked at area and perimeter which will help us to grow up and be architects. Now we are looking at how to represent different statistics in tables and in different types of graphs. Miss Vicki was upset that we don’t eat pie charts!! On Friday we are going to collect our own information and put our findings into a graph of our choice.

We have learnt a lot of different maths and in a lot of fun ways!

Roger Pelaez and Paula Guilera




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In class we have been learning about the different energy sources which exist in our world .  We have a lot of kinetic energy in our class!!  We had great fun presenting our knowledge on this. Emma was very funny trying to run faster than light!

Yesterday we looked at different types of  electricity , we made a closed electric  circuit which made a light switch on. ¨Closed” means that all the wires are connected together.  We didnt’t get an electric shock as the wires were protected with a plastic insulator. Some of us even got to connect motors and a light at the same time.

It was a very interesting lesson. We would like to do more lessons like this!

Mar Aguilar and Emma Geremias


Tutor Time is fun :)


Every Friday afternoon we have one hour of Tutor Time. This is our favourite lesson. It is taught in English and every week we look at different things.

Last week we were learning about hygiene and we made some posters with our classmates about how important it is to keep ourselves clean.

To be clean you need to:
Change your clothes regularly. After school hang your uniform up so that it gets aired and smells fresher.
Clean your teeth twice a day.

Shower every day. Remember to massage your head when you are washing it as this removes dead cells.

Change your shoes. If you have two pairs of school shoes try to change them every day. If you only have one pair make sure you take them off when you get home and let them get some air.

Although deodrant can make you smell nice, you should only put it on in the morning after you have showered. Putting it on top of a smelly body won’t get rid off the smell.

Summer is coming and with it comes the heat. It is very important that we follow these rules otherwise we will have a very stinky classroom!

Liliana Amer and Silvia Manera



Last week parents came to visit us in school. We were super excited all day as this doesn’t happen often. We had a great afternoon. In English we performed a drama called “Walking with Cavemen.” It was great, especially as our parents did the drama with us. Emma Guillem’s Dad was a brilliant mammoth and my Mum was a fantastic chef. Paulinas Dad was the star of the show and had everyone laughing! Thank you to all of the parents who joined in we loved watching and showing them how we do our dramas in school.

With Srta. Mariona we participated in our version of   “Gran Dictat”. It was brilliant. I was so pleased as my group won. It wasn’t easy as everyone was very good.

It was a great day and we can’t wait for the next open day 🙂

Nico Fortaner


Hola , fa una setmana vam fer el concurs  de lectura a l’escola i els  representants  de 5er de primària van ser la Noa , la Martina , la Natàlia , en Martí i en Roger .

Quan vam anar al gimnàs  a llegir davant gairebé tot primària , estàvem molt nerviosos però al mateix temps orgullosos de poder participar i representar als nostres companys.

Tots vam llegir molt bé ; va ser una decisió molt difícil pels jutges.

Ens ho vam passar molt bé tant els concursants com els nens i nenes que feien de públic. 🙂

Roger i Maria

Our finished fruit bowls.




Hello we  have now  finshed our pinch pots.

We waited until the clay  was dry and then we were given the choice  to paint them if we wanted to .

Then we made some fruit with different coloured plasticine. We had to make sure that the fruit were in proportion to the bowl. When the paint was dry we put the fruit into the pinch pots.

They all looked so colourful and almost tropical. It was like summer was in the art room.

Roger and Lluc