Reflections on a Course: Post 9 (Week 10) – Winding up?

Well, it looks like we are at the end of the road, aren’t we? After ten weeks of sharing and reflecting, it seems it’s time to pack up and collect everything we have picked up on the way!

I’m not ready for that! Webskills course has helped me gain speed and run in a very specific direction: Innovation for excellence, not for fireworks… that could be a good motto, wouldn’t it? And I want to make the best of that. It’s not the applications I have seen, or those that I have shown, it’s the visions I have shared with my colleagues that have made me richer. It’s those weekly discussions, and the reading of those posts from my friends that have made me think about what we teachers do. And that has helped me see there are quite a few things to be done in order to improve and reach that “excellence”. My final project will try to put another grain of sand there, and I hope it won’t be washed away before other grains join it and make a vast beach.

It’s not a good-bye… as I work everyday in Barcelona, Luisa’s, Natasa’s, Yuliya’s, Robert’s and everyone’s thoughts will be present in my professional performance. Thank you all!

Ricard Garcia

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2 thoughts on “Reflections on a Course: Post 9 (Week 10) – Winding up?

  1. Yuliya

    Hi, Ricard!

    I hope it will not be the last comment I send. When one road end the other takes it way. Our earth is round so all the roads lead to each other.

    Great motto, Ricard! Excellence in every aspect of our work is our aim. I am sure you will make the best of what you have got from the course and the teachers you work with will embrace your ideas and implement changes into thier practice.

    It has been great pleasure to read your weekly posts and to tell the truth I was looking forward to that moment when yyou publish them. I usually spent some time carefully reading your thought and ideas to make my comment. I hope my comments were to the point. Thank you for collaboration, Ricard!

    Your-the-most-devoted-visitor-and-comment-writer-Yuliya 🙂

  2. rgarcia5 Post author

    Thanks for your warm reply, Yuliya!
    You have been always ready to share kind and wise words. I’m sure that is also what you shed on your students, wisdom and kindness!
    If you ever come to Barcelona, don’t hesitate to contact me, it would be very nice to meet face to face!!!

    My warmest regards, Yuliya!
    All the best,


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