A Place for Sharing

I’ve just started my course at the University of Oregon’s American English Institute. I’m thrilled by the idea of sharing experiences, ideas and feelings with colleagues across the world… be welcome!

I’m sure we’ll all gain a lot out of this professional event!!


2 thoughts on “A Place for Sharing

  1. Yuliya

    Hi Ricard!
    I am glad to join you. It turns out that your blog is the only one I can visit. The blogs of other participants are not accessible for me. So I do hope to get some ideas from you on using blogs for educational purposes. I see that you are an experienced blogger and have much to share!


  2. rgarcia5 Post author

    Hi Yuliya!
    It’s a pity you can’t access the other blogs. If you want one more link to get access to resources for ELT and innovative ICT, have a look at my scoop it. I think you’ll find something interesting.


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