Bombay TV & B Movie TV


This is good fun… and learn!!

Bombay TV is a nice and catchy website where we can add text to short Bollywood clips… amazing to foster oral and written skills, as well as vocabulary and accuracy.

Choose a clip containing different scenes, with typical bollywood actors and stories… traditional, religious, modern…


Add text into the clip: You can either write it down, record your voice or use the text to speech tool. All three ways incorporate your message into the clip, in text or soundtrack.

Have your students watch the clips, choose the most suitable one and then ask them to add a short story which matches the pictures… easy and engaging!

You can embed the clip or send it to others… share your work!


If you or your students are not Bollywood fans… try B Movie TV… the same interface, but related to those old movies from the 50’s… good fun as well!

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