Easy and simple… but very rewarding!


Pic·Lits is a very simple online application to create visual poems… choose one of the pictures, Pic·Lits gives you a set of words related to the image… choose, and simply drag and drop to create your visual poem. Once the words are there, they can be modified to fit sentence agreement.


You can also work outof your own imagination and create a visual poem choosing your own words… but don’t you think it is more challenging if your students have to create a poem out of a set of words?

2 thoughts on “Pic·Lits

  1. Terry Friedlander

    Thanks for using and mentioning PicLits.com on your blog. I agree with you that it is more challenging to use DRAG-N-DROP and work with the words: nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs that are provided for each photo. It is also more egaritarian ( it levels the playing field ). It is also a better tool for teaching grammar, sentence structure, spelling, vocabulary, and lets not forget punctuation ( serious problem). FREESTYLE seems to more widely used at the high school and college level. Pleaee feel free to contact us. We love ideas and feedback both positive and negative. THANKS Are you a spanish teacher?
    Terry Friedlander, founder

  2. rgarcia5 Post author

    Hi Terry!
    I’m an ESL teacher for Secondary Education here in Barcelona. I’ve been teaching for 18 years, but since 2005 I ‘m away from the classrooms and I work as web editor for the corporate portal for students of the catalan ministry of education, edu365.cat. I also do teacher training for English teachers and, as you can see, I edit this blog for ESL teachers.
    Best regards, Terry

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