The Story of Stuff

If you think we must use our classrooms to spread the idea of a different approach towards our environment, have a look at this site


 The Story of Stuff is basically a 20-minute videoclip where Annie Leonard shows how we are deteriorating our planet. Clear animations and a very good narrative for a cross-curricular approach. The only drawback is the absence of transcript. It shows the process of overuse of our natural resources, their transformation into products and their latter change into pure rubbish which increasingly fills our planet. Specially adequate for advanced/Batxillerat students.

3 thoughts on “The Story of Stuff

  1. Mercè

    Congratulations! Your bloc is fantastic! I’m learning a lot from you!!!!I’ve discovered Google Docs and I’m going to use them, specially for my bloc.

  2. rgarcia5 Post author

    Thanks a lot, Isabel. My job(s) and family life are keeping me so busy that I can hardly have a look at my own blog. I’ll try to take it up again with the same enthusiasm as soon as things settle.
    Ricard Garcia

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