The Joy of Dance

Let’s forget this is an ELT blog for a while. This video from Matt Harding shows us the plain truth: The world is full of good people who are always ready to start dancing when they hear the simple beating of a rythm. Dance is in our souls, and when we take out our inner child and start moving, jumping and swinging to the rythm of music, we take the best of ourselves. This is just a tribute from a simple language teacher, to all those teachers of the most important language across boundaries: Dance

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Still, there’s room for ELT, as usual!

Visit Matt’s webpage Where the hell is Matt? This website offers different possibilities for us teachers. It is worth reading the section “About Matt” after you have watched the video with your students. It tells Matt’s story… really interesting, and easy to read. In the section “Journal”, a blog shows different articles concerning Matt’s project… his travels, his meetings…


Use this website to talk about values, about friendship, peace, music, dance, life… I knew we would end up saying we could use it in our lessons!

One thought on “The Joy of Dance

  1. maritxe

    I just wanted to say that I think this idea is just GREAT!!!!.
    I personally love both dancing and travelling, so what a brilliant excuse to go out travelling…!!!
    Fair play to you Matt!!
    please go on this way.

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