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Zimmer Twins is an amazing Canadian website which allows you to create your own cartoon. You can use different backgrounds, characters with their different faces and expressions, movement and other extras. The interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. Simple clicks and drop-down menus help you create a nice story that you can later share with your friends. I’m sure students will love it!


Once you are in Zimmer Twins’ home page, register and  click on makemovie.jpg.

Now, select scratch.jpg from the main page:


That will take you to the creative space, wher you can start to make your own movie:


The library on the right, which you can navigate by selecting the upper tags, gives you the possibility to choose out of different images. Select a main character with a speech bubble:


See if you like it and modify the background by clicking here changelayout.jpg, or the character:

firstgirl.jpg   firstgirlforest.jpg  firstboy.jpg

Add actions the characters can perform out of the library:


And modify again what you prefer with a simple click:





Add close-up expressions to portrait feelings:

databasefaces.jpg      face.jpg

And also text, captions and effects:

texts.jpg       secret.jpg

You can always control the process and re-order images through the storyboard:


And, when you are happy with what you’ve produced… just save and watch it. Other students can watch it through the website or you can send it via e-mail…

Enjoy it!


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