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Safari Park adventure (3rd grade)


Hi, 3rd grade children !

We’ve already finished the exam !! Here there’s a present for you. A game about a Safari Park from San Diego (USA).

Click on the image and have fun with this great adventure !


Elephant Odyssey (3rd grade)


Hello 3rd grade pupils ! Let’s try this game about how do mammoths turned into elephants !

Use the ARROWS arrows and the SPACEBAR to move the elephant, eat leaves from trees, intimidate predators and talk to animals.

Tell me how many points have you got !

Ex: I’ve got ___ points.


Story: Trees (4th grade)


Hi 4th grade children ! Let’s listen to a story about trees !


Buzz and Bob at the Adventure Camp (4th grade)


Hello 4th grade children ! It’s time for a story ! We are dealing with the Adventure Camp topic.

Click on the image and then on the START button to play the story !

Have a nice day !


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