Junk food, junk school. Lovin’ it?

The previous post, Energy Wasting Day, shows an April Fool’s Day joke (click here for a classic example) with the worthy intention of focusing attention on the issue of energy use in our daily lives. However, the following news is NOT an April Fool.

Read this McDonald’s website and decide for yourself. Does this mean the final destruction of British state education, or is this the way forward? Is this the future for Catalonia, with plans for indirect management  of schools? (A[dvanced] Level is equivalent to Batxillerat.)  

McDonald’s to offer qualification that is equivalent to an A-level

McDonald’s has become one of the first companies in the UK to be given Awarding Body status by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), enabling them to award accredited qualifications, equal to GCSE’s, A levels and degrees, to employees for the first time.

McDonald’s has been piloting a ‘Basic Shift Managers’ course since the beginning of the year, to teach staff everything they need know about the day-to-day running of a restaurant, from basic operational requirements and marketing to human resources and finance.

The initiative aims to give official credit to training which otherwise would not be recognised outside of McDonald’s and demonstrate how the workplace can be part of employees’ continuous learning.

McDonald’s A Level
 What’s wrong with Mcdonald’s?Source: Website
  Grease Gag

ENVIRONMENT. Windscale: Atomic Milk

Opinion – How safe is your food and drink?

How concerned are you about the following?

(A) The nutritional value of the food you eat, e.g. whether it contains large quantities of fat, insufficient fibre, whether it supplies the right amounts of vitamins and minerals, etc. 

(B) Excessive amounts of added salt and sugar in processed foods.

(C) Food additives, such as colourings and preservatives.

(D) The possibility that meat may be contaminated from growth hormones, etc., having been injected into animals.

(E) The danger that foodstuffs may have been contaminated, however slightly, by industrial pollution. 

1 I am not the least bit concerned (that + CLAUSE / about + NOUN)

2 I am somewhat concerned (that + CLAUSE / about + NOUN)

3 I am deeply concerned (that + CLAUSE / about + NOUN)

Atomic Milk Transcript Download this Word file and complete the text.  

This video is a Newsreel from 1957 entitled “Windscale: ATOMIC MILK”.




Opinion – Are stricter emissions regulations needed?

1. In terms of the environment, do you feel that the authorities let industries “get away with murder”?

2. To what degree do Vandellòs and Ascò nuclear power stations cause public concern in Catalonia?

3. According to industry figures, nuclear power supplies around 70% of electric power in Catalonia. To what extent would it be realistic to attempt to abandon atomic energy?

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