Montsagre School Planning

Montsagre School Planning

Date Task Aim
February and March Pupils have done a project with their tutor because they wanted to know if bees have ears.

They looked at the insects through microscopes.

They drew the animals.

They classified the animals according different itms: legs, wings, shell…

To answer the question: Have bees got ears?
March Presentation of e-twinning partners.

Question: Where do our partners live?

To locate in a map the countries and cities of our partners.
April, 5th and 6th Introducing ourselves.

Question: How can we introduce ourselves?

To agree the way we introduce ourselves.

To introduce ourselves.

April and on… Dialogue: What do we have in common?

Making the insect hotel

Question: Do we have the same insects as our partners?

To make the insect hotel.


To compare insects with partners.

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