My name is Eugènia. I am fitfty-three years old. I am from Girona, in the north east of Catalunya, I have got one brother and one sister. I haven’t got any pets. My favourite sport is cycling.



Hello. I’m Eugènia and I live in a flat in Girona. It’s a small town in the north east of Catalunya. There’s a bakery in front of my house and a fishop at the corner. There are two ancient churches, a cathedral and a bus stop. Near my flat there’s a newsagents and some restaurants. There isn’t a swimming pool , but there is a park nearby. There’s a yellow letter box just at the beginning of the square.


I really like the room where I spend my nights, but sometimes in my dreams there’s a much more beautiful one. It has a very big balcony with a view at he sea and it’s bigger than mine. It’s lighter and it also has a wide window from where you can see the mountains and a country landscape, too. Its walls are light blue and there are nice pictures hunging from them. In one side, there’s a huge bed covered by a patchwork cover, and small lamps on the bedside tables. There’s a small white rug on the wooden floor and plenty of books on the shelves opposite to the bed. I hope one day this dream will come true!


My favourite TV programme is Polònia. It’s on TV3 on Thursdays evening, after the news. It’s a comedy. Toni Soler is the director and the programme is about some actors who play the role and imitate famous people, mainly politicians acting  recent news events. Sometimes an actor can play more than one character: Toni Albà plays the king, the pope…. It’s really funny and you can also know the news and laugh at the same time. It’s definitely a funny and relaxing progamme.Laughing Continue reading


I have no plans for  next weekend. On Saturday I’m going to relax a bit and I’m going to stay in bed til 10. Then,  I’m going shopping and later, I’m meeting friends  and having lunch together at a restaurant. In the afternoon,  we’re going to see a nice film. There are many interesting ones because Oscars prizes will be very soon. I like cinema very much. On Sunday, I’m going to take the car and travel to the coast to walk along the seaside path and I’m going to visit my family, too. I think it’s going to be a quiet weekend.