61 thoughts on “My favourite day at school

  1. pau vilà

    My favorite day is Friday. We’ve got P.E and Geography in the morning. I like P.E. because its funny and I like sport.
    I like geography because it?s very interesting, Friday is the last day of school!!!! I like Friday.

  2. Carla Villagra

    My favourite day is Tuesday. We’ve got Art in the morning and Alternative in the afternoon. I hate Catalan and Science. My I.T. teacher is very funny. I hate the lunchtime because is borning.

  3. Laia Masó

    My favourite day is Tuesday. We’ve got Science in the laboratory and Art. I love Art because the teacher doesn’t speak very much and I like drawing.

  4. ZOÉ

    My favourite day is Wednesday. We`ve got Eanglish in the morning. This is my favourite subject. I LIKE English

  5. Núria

    My favourite day is Wednesday. We’ve got P.E and music in the morning.It’s my favourite subject because the teacher it’s very funny! I LIKE MUSIC AND P.E.

  6. Marc aleu pastor

    My favorite day is Wednesday. We’ve got music in the morning and geography in the afternoon. These are my favourite subjects. I like music beacuse it’s easy and I like geography because the teacher is very funny.

  7. bientou ceesay

    My favourite day is Wednesday. We’ve got Tutorial in the morning, and English,because there is a my favourite teacher is very funny funny and is a short day

  8. ##Oriol##Camps##

    My favorite day at school
    My favourite day is Wednesday because I play football. At school I do techno, and music. I like Wednesday.

  9. enric planas

    My favourite day at school is Friday because the next day is Saturday and we don’t go at the school.We don’t do class all the day. We do:P.E, science, social science, catalan and maths.

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