I have no plans for  next weekend. On Saturday I’m going to relax a bit and I’m going to stay in bed til 10. Then,  I’m going shopping and later, I’m meeting friends  and having lunch together at a restaurant. In the afternoon,  we’re going to see a nice film. There are many interesting ones because Oscars prizes will be very soon. I like cinema very much. On Sunday, I’m going to take the car and travel to the coast to walk along the seaside path and I’m going to visit my family, too. I think it’s going to be a quiet weekend.

One thought on “NEXT WEEKEND

  1. Joan Xifra Quintana

    I have some plans for my next weekend. On Saturday morning I am going to stay at home doing my homework. Then, I am going to prepare lunch with my father. In the afternoon I am going to Ricard’ s house to play some songs with my band. On Sunday morning I am going to read and watch TV. In the afternoon, I am going to the cinema, so this will be a great weekend.

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