I really like the room where I spend my nights, but sometimes in my dreams there’s a much more beautiful one. It has a very big balcony with a view at he sea and it’s bigger than mine. It’s lighter and it also has a wide window from where you can see the mountains and a country landscape, too. Its walls are light blue and there are nice pictures hunging from them. In one side, there’s a huge bed covered by a patchwork cover, and small lamps on the bedside tables. There’s a small white rug on the wooden floor and plenty of books on the shelves opposite to the bed. I hope one day this dream will come true!

5 thoughts on “THE ROOM OF MY DREAMS

  1. Joan Xifra Quintana

    I would like a big room with black walls with many wallpapers and a big window. I’d like a big double bed in the centre of the room. There won’t be a desk, only a table with a computer and maybe a TV. My amps and guitars would be in one corner of the room. There would be colour lights, too.

  2. Ferran Sagué Guillén

    In my room, I would like to have a big television.I would like a wood floor,an very very big desk. I would like to have an Iapple computer , I would like to have a latex matress. I would like to have a big room like a class. I would like to have a blue rug. I would like to have to have alot of pictures . I would like tohave four windows to see outside.

  3. Agnès Pagès Pont

    My dream room, is in a very, very big house.
    The walls, are purple. There is a window. There is a very new computer. There are a lot of teddy bears. The bed is very high and big. The door is automatic, purple, high and big.
    The computer is the newwer.

  4. Mireia Masias Bruns

    I will remodel my room because I don’t like it now.
    First I’m going to paint the walls like a landscape with a blue sky anth with a green grass and flowers too.
    Then I’m going to put a wood floor. Next I put a big red rug on the floor, and a big bed, ike a bed of princess.
    Then, I’ll put a sofa and a big TV. I’ll put some wardroves and a desk with a computer and a comfortable chair.
    This is my dream and it’s beautiful.

  5. Saray

    The room of my dreams will be simple and small. The walls of all my house will be of wood. The colours will be white, black, grey and beige. In the room there only will be two walls because one of the walls will be a glass and another side with no wall. At the end of the room you will find stairs going down to the living room and the kitchen. And then there will be a bathroom with a jacuzzi.

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