Hello. I’m Eugènia and I live in a flat in Girona. It’s a small town in the north east of Catalunya. There’s a bakery in front of my house and a fishop at the corner. There are two ancient churches, a cathedral and a bus stop. Near my flat there’s a newsagents and some restaurants. There isn’t a swimming pool , but there is a park nearby. There’s a yellow letter box just at the beginning of the square.

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  1. ##Oriol##Camps##

    My neighbourhood

    My name is Oriol Camps. I am from Celrà , a little village in Catalunya. In my village there are two schools. It’s got a lot of parks . My favorite place in Celrà is the football field.

  2. Arnau Martínez

    My Neighbourhood

    Hello I’m Arnau I’m twelve years old.My Neighbourhood is Celrà.There are more of four thousdand people. In Celrà there are a pool, football pitch,supermarket,bank,two tennis courts and a stadium.There aren’t any museum, police station or university

  3. enric planas

    Hi, my name is Enric PLanas and I am from Sant Martí Vell, a small village in the north east of Catalonia. In Sant Martí Vell there aren’t any shops, only 2 restaurants. There is a mountain, it is 435meters high. Sant Martí is very beautiful and old, and it have got a very big forest that are a lot of trees and mushrooms. There are about 200 people.

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