My favourite TV programme is Polònia. It’s on TV3 on Thursdays evening, after the news. It’s a comedy. Toni Soler is the director and the programme is about some actors who play the role and imitate famous people, mainly politicians acting  recent news events. Sometimes an actor can play more than one character: Toni Albà plays the king, the pope…. It’s really funny and you can also know the news and laugh at the same time. It’s definitely a funny and relaxing progamme.Laughing


  1. Joan Xifra Quintana

    I don’t watch many TV programmes.
    In fact,I don’t watch TV very often.
    But there is a soap opera that I love, it’s called Ventdelplà.It’s about a family who lives in a small village called Ventdelplà.I like this programme because it’s interesting and funny.

  2. Ferran Sagué Guillén

    Crackovia is my favourite TV programme because it makes me laugh. It imitate a football players of Barça, Espanyol, Madrid, and they imitate Rafa Nadal too. It’s very good. They imitate very good.

  3. Agnès Pagès Pont

    “Hospital Central” is a fantastic programme. The programme is talks about real stories to passes in these. In the hospital are very a lot of doctors.Many disasters happen in the hospital stories, but it is a beautiful programme.

  4. Mariona Hosta Franch

    I love “La Tira”. It is a very good programme and the actors and actressesare very good. I think it’s fun because the stories are to stupid. And the carechters to stupids too. Ang is’s impossible not haughing at it when you watch it. In my opinion it is the best comedy in the world! =)

  5. Saray

    My favourite TV programe is Kyle XY.

    It’s a Science-fiction/soap opera ver6y interesting. Now it’s off but it was on Sundays at 9.30 p.m.

    The starter is a boy very clever. He doesn’t have a navel because he isn’t a human.

    I love this soap opera and I can’t wait for the new chapters.

  6. Pau Bosch Mola

    My favorite tv programe is Nada x Aqui. This programe is very intresting because it’s about tract to magic and will have a magic tricks, the actors are Inés, Jorge Blass, Luis Piedrahita and Jandro.It’s my favorite programe because tract to magic.

  7. Meritxell Droch Canals

    My favorite TV program is Zoo because I leaves school i going to work in a zoo and I like a lot the animals. And Zoo it talk about the animals. Another TV program is veterinaris there are very funny programs.

  8. Carolina Castañeda Cardona

    My favourite Tv programme is Fama a Bailar. The programme starts at 15:30 and it finishes at 17:15. In this programme the participants must danceng. Everyday the participants prepare a coreografies and the teachers of this fama evaluete the coreografies.

  9. Alba Bosch

    My favourite Tv programme is “El Muro Infernal”. This programme is very funny. Because the participants sometimes fall on the water. And they look very stdupids and crazy. And the presneteris so beautyful…

  10. Natàlia

    If you are unhappy, nervous or frustated, don’t worry!
    You can watch “Just for laugh”, a really funny comedy. There are actors and they make jokes at people. If you watch it, you’ll laugh a lot and you’ll become very happy.

  11. Amanda Díaz Gracia

    I watch the dancing programme “Fama” on the TV. I watch this programme every week.
    The programme starts at 3:00 or 3:15pm. This programme is very funny!

  12. Albert Logroño Fontquerna

    It is a comedy programme. People imitate famous sportists from actuallity, like Messi, Guardiola Tamudo. It is on TV3 on Mondays at 22:50. It is a very famous programme. I like this programme.

  13. Sara Giró García

    Los Hombres de Paco is a serial. about a polices. A police cases. it makes laugh. This serial is on Wednesday al 22:30. I like this serial

  14. Laura García Gómez

    I like watching tv, but I don’t see the tv every day because I have a lot of work. My favorite is tv programme is “Fushigi Yugi”. It is a very interesting serie and it is the story of two girls who go into a book of the history of the 4 japanese gods. Defintely, “Fushigi Yugi” is my favorite tv programme!!

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