DELFT by Leticia van Neerven

Delft is a small city in the west of Holland. most

Delft has about 100000 inhabitants.

The most typical thing about delft is
´delfs blauw´. That is pottery which is white
with blue paintings on it. Drawings of
churches flowers and other typical dutch
things. It is sold everywhere in delft
but also in the rest of Holland. Another
very typical thing from Delft (but
also from the rest of Holland) are the moats.
Through alsmost every street in Delft there
is a moat. Also the centre of Delft is very
old. The oldest house from delft is about
1000 years old, so I think it is a very
beautiful town.

The landscape is also different from Spain.
There are no mountains. Around Delft
there are fields, farmers grow flowers
(mostly tulips and roses) and


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