A day in the world of art

dsc_0050lwOn Wednesday 10 March, three weeks ago, students who will study plastic arts and Salvador’s Project of the stairs visit the Faculty of Belles Arts where Salvador teaches. He showed us what he teaches to his students.

When we went to the Faculty we were very surprised about this place because it is a very different environment it we compare this our school.

In the Faculty there are only people who like or that want to work in this, not like in high school, where many of us thinks it is compulsory education.
During our visit we saw the classes, most of the classes were workshops, they had different workshops for different things such as sculptures, paintings, etc…
In some of these workshops we found some students doing their Project and one of them told us what he was, doing, show he did it, and so forth.

While we were visiting the university, I saw many things that I liked.

At the end of the visit, we went to Salvador’s class, where he teaches and organizes other tasks such as videos, sculptures…
Salvador explained to his students our project, the project about the ladder, to try to make our small size ladder. Salvador began to explain how we developed it to the project with a high school, secondly we decided what stairs we were going to choose and finally we were made plans for the ladder AutoCAD program, which seemed.

I liked the visit, I had a different idea of what a faculty was or how the classes of faculty were. I thought all classes were like college classes or as a drawing workshop and so on.
I also liked how Salvador spoke to his students about the project. He seemed very happy and very excited to work and I hope we succeed in our project and I also hope he can do more projects with us again.

Isabel Montoya Roca 4ºA

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