Visiting the art university in Barcelona

dsc_0002lwLast week we visited the art university in Barcelona. When we entered I saw a fresco on the wall and Miquel told me that it was a difficult artwork because in fresco you don’t have to do a mistake when you paint.

Then we went with Salvador, and we started the visit. As we went up the stairs I recognized the big painting on the wall; it was “Guernica” from Picasso. In the building there was a shop with drawing materials, showrooms and a lot of classes (for example we saw a photography class).

In another building (older than the first) we saw a room where students make molds with special machines. Salvador and Miquel told us that before they had been here to had classes when they were students. We went out to a free space where students modelled their sculptures, I saw some sculptures of the parts of the body , like lips, hands, a face…etc

After that, we met the students that Salvador teaches in the UB and we entered a spacious room. A student exposed a work with two videos. The title of the work was “Shoes” and it was about the isolation and privacy of people.

Finally, Salvador explained our project to his students with a power point presentation.

In my opinion the visit was exciting because it was the first time that I visited the university.

Maria Goretti Aparicio Oller


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