University of Belles Arts

dsc_0076lwSome days ago, we went to visit Salvador Juanpere, at the University of Belles Arts.

First, he guided us through that place, where he teaches to future artists, and he told us a little bit about the history of that university.

I was surprised to see that on the walls, wardrobes, doors, trees.. there were a lot of exhibitions of art from the students in their free time, a spontanean exhibition of art. I liked it so much!

Then, after seeing how, many students work on different projects, we went to a class of our artist, Salvador. A girl and a boy presented their projects. the girl presented two videos, a video about a light effect, and another one about the missing of the family and the home when you’re far away. We comment on what we felt when we saw those videos.

The boy presented a sculture, but we hadn’t enough time to comment it.

The visit was really interesting.

Jemma Khach

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