One day at the University

dsc_0052-bLast Wednesday, 9th of March, my partners of art class and me went to the UB, to the arts University in Barcelona.

We went there by subway and we arrived there at 11 o’clock, more or less. In the hall, I watched a big TV in the wall that showed some spots. We were waiting instructions while some students stared at us. “Had they never seen some children before?”, I thought. But well, I suppose it’s not usual to see children at the Universtity.

Then, we went to the garden next to the bar. Some of us went there and bought breakfast. In the garden where we were waiting to Salvador, there were a lot of people.

dsc_0072-bWhen Salvador arrived at the garden, he showed us some of the classes, pictures, a shop where the students can buy the material, some of the students’ sculptures and works, and an annex with a lot of tools. There was also a class that was in the street. The students cut some rocks and they were making forms and sculptures. There was one with an armadillo shape that was so cute! In another room, a student was working in a sculpture for a place of Bilbao, too. And in the stairs there was a BIG picture of Picasso’s Guernica.

It’s curious that there weren’t the typical classes where the students are sitting and writing what the teacher is explaining. People work in their projects in freedom, wherever and whenever they want.

dsc_0092-bAfter that, we assisted to a class where Salvador explained our project about the stairs to his students. One of them, a girl, showed us two videos that she had filmed. The first, showed an iron chair that drew a circle in the floor by the light reflected on the metal. The other one, showed her life in the London’s residence, where she had lived with other girls. With this video, she pretended to show the tension in a place where you’re living but it’s not your home.

Finally, the class finished and we left the University. We should stay at the high school at one o’clock, but we arrived there at two o’clock!

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