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Do they really know?… or don’t they?

I’m having a bad time lately. Everything’s fine at home, at work, even at my wednesday’s football matches ( I even get to score!) The thing is… there’s some people who are trying to make a fuss of my little country. We catalans want to be ourselves. That could mean different things: Some would like to live on their own, out of spanish bonds and with Catalonia’s own State system. In other words: They want to be independent. Some others want to show that, even though they might feel Catalonia is a part of Spain, they want to make sure they are not left aside as a simple outer satellite of Madrid. They claim for recognition of their own identity within a multilingual and multicultural country like Spain. That takes money, and money is what catalans give to the state every year. But they want to see some more of it reinvested in their own territory, and they want to decide what they are going to give to the Spanish government in order to contribute to the future of Spain. These two options might be right or wrong, but they are legitimate.
Last september, the autonomous catalan government voted a new legislation to administrate the territory in terms of economy, society and all aspects of the country: a new “Estatut”. This law is being negotiated in Madrid now, and the spanish conservative party PP is trying to make a benefit out of that. Their aim is to defeat Zapatero’s socialist government. In order to achieve that goal, they claim that the negotiations for the catalan “Estatut” will lead to the disappearance of Spain as a national entity. Former Prime Minister José Maria Aznar says Spain will enter a process of “Balkanisation” that will lead to the destruction of Spain. Conservative radio stations and newspapers are giving out biased comments trying to make the rest of the country believe all catalans want to destroy Spain, that spanish is an endangered language within Catalonia (more than 98% of catalans speak it, in front of the scarce 70% of catalan bilingual speakers). This strategy of constant attack and confrontation will achieve nothing but the creation of a crack between Catalonia and the rest of Spain. Many spaniards will not fall for that, but a large number of people are beginning to believe that Catalonia is at the verge of a conflict where Spanish speakers will be taken to concentration camps.
Is the victory in the elections and the fight for the power worth the division of a country?
I know it isn’t, but I want to feel comfortable in the big home of Spain, not like an alien. If catalans are treated like enemies, they will probably decide to leave the big family alone.


Working in the Catalan Department of Education is hectic!
You are always doing something urgent. It’s very difficult to get some time in order to set you mind to work on more creative things in our professional field. I’ve got many things in my head that I want to develop. I’m sure I’ll find the time, but it’s hard.

I’ve come across a very interesting website:
A very nice tool to create your own blog…. don’t you worry! it’s different to blogger! It’s very good for students, because it allows you to create your own “notebook”, where you have your own blog and your photo album. You can customise everything with a very cool layout.

New Challenges… no rest!!

Every day there’s something new here at work. You start up in the morning carrying out a task you had been assigned some days before… and there you are!! Something else popping up from behind the smile of someone at the team. New layouts for the old didactical units, brainstorming meetings for future exploitations, revision of new materials… but it’s worth the effort! People here like to hold onto new challenges… they grumble, I do, but we take it and we get through it. It’s very encouraging to see that your job usually ends up with useful achievements for students and other colleagues. Or at least I do my best to get there.
By the way, that’s a picture of mine.

Back here… and everyhting is different!!

Back again after a long time… too busy and too lazy…bad combination.
My professional life has made a very important change. I had to take my time to make up my mind, to make sure the decission was the correct one.
I received a proposal…honest and appealing. It was very catchy, but it meant a dramatic change in my job. I was asked to take up a position as a pedagogycal consultant for ICT in the Catalan Department of Education. It is a very different job, away from the classrooms. Creativity, interaction, team work. I think I’m going to learn a massive amount of things. It was the second time I was offered that position, and I didn’t think It was going to happen again for a third time.
I knew I was going to miss students, and my colleagues at school… for 16 years!! But I accepted. I hope it will be a rewarding experience.
And here I am, at the SGTI of the Departament d’Educació, in charge of the English section of, a catalan web for students, teachers and parents with lots of information and resources. I started lon september 1st, and it’s been pretty busy so far: Lots of tasks to complete, assignments to start, and also hours and hours in front of the screen. But it pays!! Time really flies here at the office, and there’s always something to do. But the atmosphere is friendly, and people are always ready to give a hand whenever I ask for help or assistance.
I’m going to try to keep you up to date with my new job and my new everyday life.
I will also post interesting websites for you English teachers, so… welcome back!