Our school

We are making a video of  our school.

Here you have your scripts:

6th A

Group 1: Brayan, Marc B. and Toni.

Group 2: Nico, Jaume and Afonso.

Group 3: Júlia, Martina and Clara.

Group 4: Maria and Esther.

Group 5: Núria, Rohini and Alba.

Group 6: Victor, Ferran and Alex.

Group 7: Irene, Judit V. and Judit M.

Group 8: Hèctor, Marc G. and Pepe.

6th B

Group 1: Laia, Aina and Ainhoa.

Group 2: Alba, Paula and Leine.

Group 3: Marcos and Eric.

Group 4: Andy, Martí, Jordi and Nico.

Group 5: Montse and Judith.

Group 6: Pol, Raimon and Adel.

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