Rosie’s holidays!!! :)

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13 respostes a Rosie’s holidays!!! :)


    I love this city or town I go

  2. 6B diu:

    Hello Rosie! It’s beautiful. We like these photos. Bye-bye! Children from 6B

  3. Daniel diu:

    I like the photos of Inlgaterra. The photo of the horse is very good.

  4. Antonio Oliver 6b diu:

    Hello I am Antonio rosie the video you made ??me English is very well liked a lot is fun hehe

  5. Irene diu:

    Hi Rosie!!!! I am Irene and I love this photographs.
    How have the holidays gone?

  6. Natalia diu:

    Rosie hello how you been an holiday?
    We miss you in this new course

  7. Rosie diu:

    Hi everyone!! This was from my summer holidays! It is near where I live! The holidays were good! I will put up more photos from my holiday to Greece!
    I hope you are all enjoying English this year! 🙂 I miss you all as well, of course!

  8. alexis abad diu:

    hello that such Rossi? Imajin me test how good you less in the school

  9. alexis abad diu:

    hola Rosie que tal? espero que bien, te examos de menos en la escula.!!!

  10. Maria Jose 6b diu:

    Hello Rosie!!
    I like the photos and text.
    I miss you!

    Love xXx

  11. Adriana diu:

    Hello Rosie!
    How are you?
    Well Bess

  12. jakub diu:

    wow i like the horse and the men

  13. egle 4ta diu:

    rosie,this images is beautyfool1!!!

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