E-twinning project

E-twinning project: Our Partners (6th grade)


Hi, 6th grade boys and girls !

Here you can view a Slideshare presentation about the Turkish students and school. Enjoy it and tell me in a comment what you’ve just discovered.

Ex: I’ve discovered that…

Ex: I’ve learnt that _____.

New cartoons !


Hello, Escola Splai’s students !

The Cartoons 2 section has been updated these days ! You can watch new episodes of Phineas and Ferb (35 episodes available) and we will meet a new friend: BEN 10  in Ben 10 Alien Force (15 episodes)

Enjoy and have fun !

phineas ben-10

E-twinning project: Our school (6th grade)


Hi, 6th grade pupils !

Here you can see the Powerpoint with your information about our school, lessons, timetable and after school activities. In a few days we will receive the Powerpoint of our Turkish partners.

See you on Thursday !

E-twinning project: Bridging Cultures (6th grade)


Hi, 6th grade children !

We got some photographs about our Turkish partners in the E-twinning project “Bridging cultures”.

These are pictures of the teacher and 6th and 7th grade children ! They are only a few students in each class !

See you on Thursday !

E-twinning European certificate ! (6th grade)


Hello 6th grade students !

La plataforma E-twinning d’Agermanaments Europeus ens ha concedit l’European Certificate pel nostre projecte amb l’Escola St. Paul de Kielce (Poland).

L’he editat i penjat per si el voleu descarregar per penjar-ho a casa vostra com a record. Heu de fer click a la icona DOWNLOAD i el podreu emmagatzemar al vostre ordinador. o imprimir fent click al PRINT button.

Moltes Felicitats per la vostra feina al llarg d’aquest curs 2009-2010.

Oscar 😀

Powerpoints for Who want’s to be a millionaire’s test ! (6th grade)


Hello, 6th grade children ! On Friday we are going to try the Who want’s to be a millionaire? test made by St. Paul’s school’s students. Here you have got their PowerPoints to study !

See you on Friday !

Who wants to be a millionaire? Escola Splai’s Powerpoints Edition (6th grade)


Hello 6th grade children !

Finally, we got it ! The Quiz show is ready to start !

Here you can watch the questions you send me for the E-Twinning project with St. Paul’s School in Kielce (Poland).

Thank you to those students who collaborate sending me the questions. Here is the final result !

Questions for Poland ! (6th grade)


Hello 6th grade students ! Our last project activity with St. Paul’s School in Kielce (Poland) is going to be a quiz game !

You’ve got to invent 14 questions with four possible answers (a, b, c and d) using the information given in our Powerpoint presentations that are below:
– 2 Questions of “Our country” and “Escola Splai” PowerPoints
– 1 question of the other 10 Powerpoints.

We will build a “Who wants to be a millionaire? Quiz” with your information and Polish students will have to answer them !

Write the 14 questions and the answers in a comment for Monday 31st of May !

Spain – Our country (6th grade)


Hi, 6th grade boys and girls ! Here you can see our PowerPoint Presentation about our country. We sent it to Poland and yesterday they were watching it and they learnt about our traditions, festivities and geographical aspects !

You did a very good job! Here you can watch the result !

The History of Poland (6th grade)


Hello 6th grade students! This is their last presentation. It’s about some interesting facts of Polish History !

Read and increase your knowledge of Poland. A very interesting country !

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