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My funny Man (3rd grade)


Hi, 3rd grade boys and girls !

Do you remember how to play with your funny man?

Listen to Denis and Andrea and practise in your house !

Clothes board game (3rd grade)


Hello, 3rd grade pupils !

A new oral expression exercise about CLOTHES ! Have a look at the photographs !

Have fun and see you on Friday !

Water project Enigma 1 (5th grade)


Hello, 5th grade boys and girls !

Can you solve this enigma for next class ?

Tell me the answer in a comment !

Can you tell me a tip to save water?

Clothes’ Dialogue (3rd grade)


Hello, 3rd grade students !

Last Tuesday, we recorded these oral expresion exercises about “Clothes” ! Click on the jumper and socks to listen to them !

Have a nice weekend !

I’m Hungry (2nd grade)


Good morning 2nd grade students! Last Thursday we recorded our videos about food. I’m hungry !

See you on Monday !

Group A

Group B

We are a happy family (1st grade)


Good afternoon 1st grade children!

Last Thursday we recorded our videos about family. We are a happy family!

See you on Monday !

Group A

Group B

At the zoo (5th grade)


Good morning 5th grade students! A weeks ago, on Wednesday we recorded our dialogues about animals at the zoo. You’ve made a great effort  !!

See you on Tuesday !

Group A (Joan & Diego)

Group B (Marina D. & Melany)

Paint the clothes (3rd grade)


Hello 3rd grade pupils! Let’s try this game. You have to colour the clothes listening to the instructions. If you do it correct, the skater will be very happy !

See you on Monday !


Clothes (3rd grade)


Hi 3rd grade pupils! Last week we started our clothes Unit. Here you can practise some of the names of clothes. Click on the image, then on the PLAY START button and finally on to play the game.

Match the names with the pictures ! See you on Monday !

Ex: I’ve got _____ correct !


Places dictation (4th grade)


Hi, 4th grade pupils! This is a more difficult game. Click on the image and try to write the words correctly without mistakes. You can only get 3 wrong answers!

Write me your results in a comment !

Ex: ______ correct answers in ______ minutes and ____ seconds


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