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Romans’ Enigma 4 (5th grade)


Hi, 5th grade children! We continue with our project about Romans. Here you’ve got the fourth ENIGMA.

Remember to solve it before Wednesday 20th of February.

How do you say “sword” in Latin? 




Gladiator game (5th grade)


Hello 5th grade children ! Let’s play a game about gladiators. You have to dress the different types of gladiators with the correct weapons and armour.

Click on the ? for clues !

Click on the image to play.Remember to tell me your results in a comment!


You wouldn’t want to be a Roman Gladiator (5th grade)


Hi 5th grade pupils! If you visit this website. You will learn more about the life of a Roman Gladiator.

Click on the image to start reading the information. Browse the left menu in order to discover your fate !

See you on Thursday!


Nutrition project Enigma 4 (4th grade)


Hello, 4th grade boys and girls !

Have you been paying attention in class ?

Read this enigma and tell me the answer in a comment !


How many MINUTES of physical exercise do we need every day?


Nutrition: Fuel for fun (4th grade)


Hi 4th grade students!

Sophia and Billy want to be the school’s top runners. And they need your help to run as fast as they can. When you choose nutrient-rich foods for Sophia or Billy, they get a high-quality energy boost and run faster. The more nutrient-rich foods you choose, the faster they run.

Ex: I completed the game (____ %)

Click on the image to play !


Nutrition: My Pyramid game (4th grade)


Hello 4th grade students! Today we have been playing a game in class provided by My Reach the Power Planet combining food from the grain group, vegetable group, fruit group, milk group & meat group.

Remember to do 60 minutes of physical activity everyday !

Click on the image to play !

My pyramid

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