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Lochs in Scotland (1st & 2nd grade)


Hello, 1st & 2nd grade children !

Click on the image and click in the correct picture according to Lochs in Scotland !

See you in class !


Read and match the sentences (1st & 2nd grade)


Hello, 1st & 2nd grade children !

Click on the image and match the sentences to the correct Loch !

See you in class !


History hunt (5th grade)


Hello 5th grade students! This time you can enjoy a very simple game about Ancient History. You will start in Rome. You have to find the Venus statue and escape from the Romans that want to catch you !

Click on the image to play. Don’t end the adventure as a slave !


Romans Project: 2nd Enigma (5th grade)


Hi, 5th grade students! This week, we started our project about Romans. Here you’ve got the second ENIGMA. Remember to solve it before Wednesday 14th of March.

When did Julius Caesar die?


Nutrition project Enigma 2 (4th grade)


Hello, 4th grade boys and girls !

Have you been paying attention in class ?

Read this enigma and tell me the answer in a comment !


How many servings of the “Milk group” do you need every day?


Nutrition project: The banquet (4th grade)


Hello, 4th grade students. A new game to practise food groups. Help the dinosaur to collect all the food items in the maze and classify them in the correct bowl.

Click on the image and have fun !

Ex: My score is _____ points.


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