Water project

CartaNauticaThis is the second part of project “Air, Water and Exoplanets”

1st and 4th ESO students of  “Technologies” and 1st Baccalaureate of “Contemporary Sciences’ in Martorell are participating in the project Barcelona World Race.

As it is shown in our first post at Barcelona World Race blog  one of our main goals is to understand and apply the nautical real data to relate concepts of mathematics, physics, technology, and computer science in English. Specifically, we will use concepts such as: True course, variation,  magnetic course, deviation, compass course, magnetic declination, wind speed, current speed, etc. working with real nautical charts using vector calculus.These concepts will be introduced with their nautical formulas into a webapp programmed using Javascript, HTML5, CSS styles and PhoneGap in order to have a different design app in every student or parent mobile.

First our students will work using paper nautical charts and when the concepts are understood student will be able to create their webapp.