Blue lagoon

This is a project about building up a blue lagoon using software as Energy3D (for annual simulations of energy and other energy related calculus), LibreCAD and Adobe Tinkercad (for offline and online technical drawing) and do the calculations of the necessary energy month by month (sources of energy: Sun, wind, natural gas, coal, propane, butane, nuclear, goethermical, etc) to heat a irregular shaped pool for 1000 people per day, different saunas and falling water areas.

Find mean local temperatures of air, water and other data in your Blue lagoon location. Consider the water temperature around the year must be 38ºC. Use R Studio, LibreOffice Calc or Microsoft Office Excel to make month calculus easily,

You need to calculate all the energy related calculus, pump calculus, economic calculus.

Please follow the recommendation given by Neufert books of architecture, “Código Técnico de Edificación”, REBT and other documents indicated in the classroom and in the Moodle website.

Here you have some examples of photos

Semiellipsoidal pool example:


Falling water:

Pool: Water loss by evaporation

Pool: Water loss by radiation

Pool: Water loss by convection

Pool: Water loss by transmission