Airplane Project

This is the first part of the project “Air, Water and Exoplanets”,  based on a Hands on ICT approach recognised by Education Department (Catalonia Government).

In my github website you will find HTML5, CSS and Javascript files for Paper Airplane project prepared for K7 students (12 years) as a starting template to begin working at.

To work easily with previous source codes you can use Visual Code Studio, Notepad, or download in your pendrive Notepad ++ portable or Sublime Text.

For video tracking analysis of your paper airplanes you could use Tracker open source physics software.

For statistical analysis you will need data from 6 videos of the same paper airplane model . Use Graphpad Quickcalcs website  before starting to develop your own Javascript formulas in your webapp.

In the next weeks you will also participating in S’COOL  NASA project to compare satellite and ground cloud information.

Use educational information found at NASA Beginner’s Guide to Aeronautics

You can download my starting template WebApp prepared to your Android mobile using Cordova by scanning the following QR Code