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Week of peace 2017

The pupils from 4th Grade ESO  High School Creu de Saba came this week to our school to do some activities related to peace. All of them  were lead in English.

The 5th and 6th grade groups participated.

The activities were introducing yourself by passing a ball, the peacetionary , dancing and solving maths problems, listening to a story *Ubuntu and making a drawing on it, playing a game  * Can you let me out of the circle  and listening  to a song and completing some exercises on a worksheet.

Finally, we were given a diploma .

The activities were funny, interesting and useful to reflect,  and the students from the High School were friendly and patient and they spoke English very well.

It was an engaging English morning! We’d like to repeat it next year!



Quants anys portes treballant en aquesta escola?

Porto 34 anys.

A quin cicle t’ha agradat més treballar?

M’agraden els 3 cicles.

Què en penses de les mestres noves?

Són bones companyes.

T’agrada treballar en aquesta escola ?


Has treballat en altres escoles?

A una escola de Súria i a una de Maians.

T’agrada treballar com a mestra?


Estàs contenta amb els teus alumnes?


PREGUNTA PERSONAL: Amb quins mestres treballes més a gust?

He treballat sempre bé amb totes les meves companyes.