Common phrasal verbs

A phrasal verb is a combination of a verb and a preposition: give up, set up, run out, go away… are phrasal verbs. Many people have negative feelings about phrasal verbs. Why? Because it’s impossible to know the meaning of a phrasal verb from the words. For example, if you say ‘I’ve run out of milk’ It doesn’t mean that you run, it means that you don’t have any milk.

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Second life for teenage learners of English


Do you want to learn English and visit the UK for free? Now you can, virtually. The British Council has created a learning zone for learners in the Second Life virtual environment. Interactive LearnEnglish activities and quests based on UK culture are available for all registered Second Life residents.

😎 Try it! Watch the video to get a general idea of what English Second Life is. You can register and know more about it here. Enjoy yourself and practise your English at the same time!

The Lord of the Rings into passive


Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? You can watch the opening scene, visit the official site and learn more about Tolkien universe, books and movies.

😎 Try it! If you want to learn more about Lord of the Rings as well as about English grammar and passive voice, you have to visit this site where you can do some crosswords, exercises or multiple choice activities.

Trick or treat?

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated on October 31. Do you know why are pumpkins, skeletons or ghosts associated with halloween? What does it mean the expression ‘trick or treat’? If you want to know more about this celebration click on here.

😎 Try it! There are a lot of online activities about Halloween, as well as crafts to do. Click and enjoy Halloween! or if you like, do the Halloween’s quiz or watch and read one story about Halloween.

Future: what does it mean to you?

Are you ready for the future? Have you though about it? Can you contribute to a better future? How? How do you image yourself in ten or twenty years time? What are your expectations? What will you do to achieve your purpose? 

😎 Try it! Watch the video and start a discussion in class, decide if you are agree with these students and try to answer the questions mentioned.