Is Sudoku an American game?

Milions of people are hooked on sudokus. In a sudoku you have to complete a puzzle of numbers from 1 to 9.


😎 Try it! It is believed that Sudoku was originally an American game, not Japanese. If you want to know more about sudokus, listen and read this abstract. After listening and reading, try to answer the questions you’ll find in the comment attached. If you want to play a sudoku you only have to click on the picture above.

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  1. mguill36 Post author

    After listening and reading about Sudoku, try to answer these questions:

    1. What does the word ‘Sudoku’ mean?
    2. When did Sudoku first appear?
    3. Do you have to be good at maths to complete a Sudoku?
    4. If we want to play a Sudoku game, where can we find it nowadays?
    5. Who was believed to be the original inventor of Sudoku?
    6. What do we have to do to complete a Sudoku correctly?
    7. Does Sudoku have the same rules in America than in Japan?
    8. How many small boxes does a Sudoku have?
    9. Can we make any mistake?
    10. What is the main objective of a Sudoku?

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