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Technology and learning, what do you think?

The BBC web page has recently published a research about how technology addiction among young people is having a disruptive effect on their learning. According to this research, modern gadgets worsened pupils’ spelling and concentration, encouraged plagiarism and disrupted lessons. Are you agree with it?

8-) Try it! Read the research and write an article explaining your opinion. First try to sum up the main points of the research as an introduction and then explain your point of view. Do you think new technologies make learning difficult? Have they a negative influence on the students? Or, on the other hand, are you really in favour of using new technologies? Why? Can they help you in your day-to-day learning? How? Finally, end your article with a conclusion.

Alien attack?

This is a video created by a Vancouver Film School student. Watch it and then start a discussion in your class.

😎 Try it! After watching the video think about how would you feel arriving in a strange new place, what would you do? And, if you had the opportunity, how would you describe your community to a new visitor? How could you make he/she feel welcome? You can start a discussion in your class, write down your opinions in the blackboard and then write an article with the conclusions.

Make your superhero!


If you like reading or watching films about superheroes now you have the opportunity to create your own one!

😎 Try it! Click on the Hero Factory and choose the face, body, powers, abilities, name… of your superhero! When you finish, print your character or save it in your e-mail adress. Then, show your hero to the rest of the class and write a description explaining why is he/she special. You can follow these questions as a guide:

  • What super-powers does he/she have?
  • What adventures does he/she have?
  • What is his/her alter-ego like?
  • Does he/she have a side-kick?
  • Who is his/her arch enemy?
  • You can work all together with the rest of the class. Think about a problem in your class and design a superhero who can cope with it.

    American reports

    Snag films is a useful web page with a lot of American videos to learn about different topics: history, science, museums, technology, health…

    😎 Try it! Click on snag films topics and choose the one you want lo learn more about. Some videos are only available for American people, nevertheless you can find some interesting reports at your disposal!

    In love with Shakespeare


    In Love with Shakespeare is a didactic unit for Batxillerat designed by Anna Aznar and Jordi Jordan. It can be done as a whole or selecting some of the units.  The main objectives here are to develop communicative strategies, both spoken and written, and to get to know some aspects of English culture (basically history and literature), with the aid of ITC.

    😎 Try it! Click on the link and pass your mouse over the picture, the different units will appear. Click on the first one, Tudor England and start by learning about the context in which Shakespeare lived: the monarchy, the city of London and the way they dressed. Again, pass the mouse over the screen and click on the different pictures. By searching the web sites provided, you must find out about Henry VIII, his wives and how Elizabeth I accessed the throne. You must also identify the main characters in Tudor history in a number of portraits. Then, you can click on Tudor London and complete a description of the city at that time after reading a website, learn about London monuments and place them in a map.