Happy New Year to all of you!!

Oh, yes, and for those in 3rd of ESO, remember that you’ve got the Reader’s exam on the 8th of January Laughing.

Yes, and, Foot in mouth oops!… For Batxillerat students there’s the research project. It must also be handed in on the 8th of January .

Well, anyway… happy New Year?

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En Marc Blanco és professor d' anglès a l' IES Cubelles (Barcelona). És llicenciat en filologia anglo-germànica per l' UAB, va estudiar un post-grau sobre l' anglès medieval a la University of Manchester. Porta 9 anys ensenyant anglès, a gent de negocis, a l' ESO i al batxillerat de centres concertats i ara, amb les oposicions aprovades el 2005, a l' escola pública.

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  1. JorgePR

    Happy new year!

    Oh, yes, i have one question about the research project.

    What number of copies must we hand hand on the 8th of January? It must be binded (encuadernat)?

  2. whitefield

    Your tutor will need one copy of the project for revision on the 8th. The project must be returned to you a week later, and then I think you have another week to complete the final version. Of this final version you must hand in two copies, yes, and binded, as you nicely put it. One is for your tutor, and the other is for the other members of the tribunal.

    Happy new Year JorgePR!

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