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Avaluació interna de l’ aprenentage a 4t d’ ESO

Just abans de les vacances de Nadal, els alumnes de 4t d’ ESO, juntament amb els de la resta de cursos, van ser examinats dels continguts i procediments de la primera avaluació. Aquest test va ser elaborat pel professor titular del curs i va comtar amb el vist-i-plau de la resta de professors i professores del departament de llengües estrangeres. L’ objectiu d’ aquesta experìencia posar els alumnes en una situacio en la que haguessin de posar en pràctica allò que realment han assimilat de la primera avaluació.

Els resultats estan essent analitzats i seran publicats anònimament en els propers dies, juntament amb les conclusions que els docents en treuran com la dels alumnes.

27th – 31st October is MUSIC WEEK

Probably you’ve seen that I have added an mp3 player on the blog. Yes, this week is dedicated to music.

Surprised4th ESO D: special musical reading session, Monday 27th.

Surprised4th ESO A: special musical reading session, Wednesday 29th.

Wink4th ESO C and B: optional listening activity (included in the dossier results, 30%). Complete this activity at home and the teacher will ask you some questions next day in class. The transcript is here.

For those of you who enjoy walking

The Matagalls-Montserrat Endurance Trail, the country’s most popular long-distance walk, takes place this weekend. The walk starts at Coll Formic (1,145 m), at the foot of the Matagalls peak, in the Montseny Massif, and ends at the Abbey of Montserrat (709 m). The objective of the 3000 participants is to complete the 83.3 km path in less than 24 hours.


Acabat el curs comença la migració cap el nou bloc

Let me thank all the students and parents who have read and participated in this blog. But let me also tell you that Whitefield’s blog is about to close down. It will soon start under a different form, where you will find articles from all the teachers at the IES Cubelles. But that’s not all, because CEIP Charlie Rivel and CEIP Vora del Mar will also publish their articles and activities in the same blog. This initiative tries to bring together the efforts of all the English teachers who work in Cubelles, be it in primary or secondary school.

See you soon and have a nice time!

Deixe-me agraïr a tots els alumnes, pares i mares que heu  llegit i participat en aquest bloc. Però deixeu-me també dir-vos que el Bloc d’ en Whitefield està a punt de tancar. Tornarà aviat amb una nova forma, on trobareu articles escrits per tots els professors i professores de l’ IES Cubelles. Però no s’ acaba aquí, doncs el CEIP Charlie Rivel i el CEIP Vora del Mar també hi publicaran activitats i articles en el mateix bloc. Aquesta iniciativa intentarà ajuntar els esforços de tots els professors/es i mestres que treballen a Cubelles.

Ens veiem aviat i que us ho passeu bé!

English test, PAU 2008

As announced, the 2008 English language PAU test has got three parts:

  1. Reading comprehension. The text was about “toxic friends”, that is to say, people who are your friends but make it difficult for you to make new things. Overall, the test was on the easy side and there were minor vocabulary problems.
  2. Writing. The two options were: a letter where you ask a “toxic friend” to renegotiate your friendship; or a composition about the influence of psycology in our lives.
  3. Listening exercise: 8 questions about a TV series where a famous British comedian -Michael Palin- travels the world.

To know more about the topics in the exam, you can follow the links below:

    Hello and welcome!

    Hello and welcome to our English blog. It will be up and running for the 2008-09 year. Please, visit us from time to time!

    Hola i benvinguts al nostre bloc d’ anglès. Estarà a ple rendiment durant el curs 2008-09. Visiteu-nos de tant en tant!

    Do you want to play with the irregular verbs?

    Why don’t you try this game and revise your irregular verbs for this week’s tests?

    The game is called Verbbusters, and the instructions are very simple:

    1. Choose your name.

    2. Choose your language (but it’s not necessary)

    3. Choose the difficulty level.

    4. Complete the verbs (you can press the tab key to go to the next section and press ‘enter’ when you have finished)

    Here’s a youtube tutorial if you need it:

    2nd batx. grade final test

    If you want to know what’s in and what’s out of the exam, click on the following pdf file. It contains the instructions to all the 18 questions in the final exam. The actual questions are not included, of course, but you can get a fair idea of what’s going to be final exam like (excuse me: How the final exam [subject] is going to be [verb] like [rest o’ the sentence])

    Questions, final test 2nd batx