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The pardoner’s tale

“If we find him, then Death is dead!”

Three boys who decice to take revenge on his friend’s death. A tale where  respect, responsibility, friendship, traison and other topics become the true characters.

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The knight’s tale

Palamon, Arcite and Emily are the main characters of this epic tale told by the knight. Epic stories usually have heroes and warriors, princess and gods who are faced with very difficult situations and big dilemmas.

Heroes must choose between love and friendship, honor and family, treason or happiness. Sometimes they are a model to follow, sometimes they are not. But they are always very special.

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The Prologue

In the prologue, Chaucer introduces a long list of pilgrims who will be travelling to Canterbury together from London. Very different people will share days and nights and stories, as they decide to avoid boredom explaining tales. All kind of men and women, rich and poor, good and bad, literate and analphabet, from the city and the countryside, religious and warriors, merchants and peasants… a wide range of representatives from medieval society come to meet us in one of the most important texts of English literature.

The Canterbury Tales

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Canterbury is a beautiful city in the south-east of England, if you want to “surf” in it, click on this link and you’ll find many signts and information about this interesting old city. I have selected for you the tourist information webpage of the town, particularly the bit where you learn about an exciting visit based on Chaucer’s book. Have a nice trip!