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  1. María

    At the last moment, but here it is!
    well.. my oral exposition wasn’t about a photo or describing something.
    My oral exposition was done in the ‘letters and science day’. That day I prepared a scene of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ of Shakespeare. I took the introduction or summary that was at the back page of the book, and then I put one middle scene that had to do with that introduction and then I introduced an other short scene which made sense and closed the story. And with this ‘collage’ pepe, david and me, read it up loud on the stage. First we were a bit a shamed, but after we laughed lots!
    see you tomorrow!

  2. Laura Rodríguez Bernabé

    Hello Maribel, How do you do?
    Here’s my oral activity:

    In this picture shows me and my niece. She is five years old, and in the picture she was three years old. We were on the beach. That day was sunny, the sky was blue and weren’t any clouds. Every summer my family and me go to the beach. We sometimes stay in hotels, apartments, or camp site. We like going there because we enjoy it a lot. The views are wonderful. That day the beach was calm and the sea was quiet. Near the water my niece was looking for shells, and she found a lot. That afternoon she was so happy that she wanted to come back another day. She loves the sea. In the picture were sunbathing near us. Tihs photo was taken by my mother. I’ll never forget that day.

    see you soon teacher

  3. Laura Domènech

    Hello Maribel

    In my oral activity I had brought a nice photo. In the picture you can see three people, my father, my sister and I. Behind us there are a beautiful bridge and under it lay a little lake. We stay in a path in the middle of the field. All of that is Poboleda, the town where I go every year since I was a very little girl. It’s my grandmother’s town. I go there every summer and every Easter. I like very much this photo because this lake brings me very good memories. When I was little I swim there because the water was very transparent, but now usually is dry. This Easter I was very happy because after some years there was water again and I remember those moments.

    See you!

  4. Eloi Gonzalez Castro

    Well, I like doing everything in the big way so I did my oral exposition on an stage and with a microfone, it’s good to be original. I talked not about a photo of mine, I talked about one who I bring in my heart. Oh! That’s beautiful! But it’s not a girl, it’s a black man with a marvelous… soul !
    He was Marthin Luther King, one of the most important right fighters that has seen the world. He tried to become the USA in a brotherhood of black and white men. He couldn’t see that but he’s steel dreaming, waiting for the day that all the people arounf the world will shake our hands together.
    And, remember Maribel : God shave the queen!
    God be withy ye ! 🙂

  5. alex ferrer ruiz

    For my oral exposition I talk about one photo who was taken five years ago in the stadium of the “Nastic “ de team in Tarragona. In the city appear one of the best fotball players in that moment Ronaldinho. The photo appear my brother Carles and my friends Pau, Adrià and Biel. This are my friends of hockey and Biel and Adrià there father are the ex-president of “Nastic” . This day are the best of my live because I see the f.c.Barcelona : Iniesta, Messi , Xavi Eto’o…. I hope than you ike my oral exposition.

  6. Neus olalla

    In my oral expocicion I speak about a photo since seven years ago aproximadetly.

    In this photo I’m with my best friend, my mother and a parents of my best friend irene,
    the photo was made in a foggy day.
    This day we went to see a lack.

  7. Marta Pujol

    Hi Maribel!

    In my oral exposition, I spoke about a picture when I was little. In that photo appears on Pedro, Jordi, Marta, Joan, I, Azahara and Elizabeth when I was 4 years. We are at the stage of the theater Hostalets. That day we were doing a Christmas concert with the choir school.

    Bye bye Maribel!

  8. Rebeca Mahedero

    I brought a photo of me, made for my mother. I was two or three years old and it was the first time that I went to the zoo with my parents and my uncles. In the photo appears me in front with a face of amazement and behind, there are a penguins walking in his cage and also, there are a vegetation and a tree.
    When I was little, I loved watching a cartoons of penguins and in the moment of the photo, it was the first time that I saw this animals, and therefore I had this face.
    I have put this picture in my room and I choose this because I like my face of amazement.

  9. Ruben Rafecas

    Well, I didn´t make this oral exposition but I would do.

    My picture, is in Carnaval in the IES Guinovarda we left Alexis, and I.
    This photo is more important to me because reflects friendly.
    Tomorrow Friday, I take photo to class because you can look okey?

    this is all… jajaja.

    Goodbyyeee ^^

  10. Elena Campos

    my oral activity:

    I talked about a picture when I was younger (1 or 2 years), appears in the photo my mother and me.
    that day can not remember anything, I think playing with a puppet.

    By Maribel we talk about the clothes they wore, my mother comes hidden in the photo, the puppet who made ​​that photo.

    I took this picture because I like to have hanging on the wall of the room

    bye Maribel

  11. Pau del Pozo de Torres

    Oral exposition

    In my oral exposition I spoke about a photo that was maked in 2002. In this photo you can see the football team of E.A.Apiària in a tournament in Hostalets de Pierola. This team was formed for: Ferran Pau, Jordi Castellano, Eloi Gonzalez, Adrià Soteras, Ferran Claramunt, Pau del Pozo and Marc Bonastre. I remember that we won all the matches with a very big difference of goals. For example we played against Escola Renaixença, Vallbona… We played one tornament every term, the first in Hostalets, the second in Vallbona and the third in Piera, in the court of E.A.Apiària.

    In the oral exposition I was too confidence but when the teacher started to did questions I became a little bit nervous. But I think that I did a good oral exposition.

  12. Alba Flo Ventayol

    In my oral exposition I spoke about a photo of me. The photo was taken when I was seven and the place is called Beceit. Beceit is situated in Aragon. The photo was taken when my parents and I go there one summer. In the photo it’s possible to see that i’m in a mountain and I have a “water glasses” in my neck and in my hands I have a towel. In the photo you can see my face and I see the towel that I have in my hands because I was going to strecht it.

  13. Assumpta Torres


    In my photo appeared my friends and I. The photo is the carnival of the last year.
    We were dressed as toys, and every one was a different toy. There were a soldier, a doll, a robot, a Barbie, a clown and an action man.
    We made all the costumes in one day, because the next day was a competition of costumes.
    The competitions was in Hostalets, one year we won money and we dressed up as a “parchis”, other year we won a jam and we dressed up as a poor people, and the year of these photo we didn’t win anything.
    In my opinion this costumes were the best costumes that we made.

  14. btissam berga

    hi maribel!!
    The speaking activity that i did last week was a picture that apperar’s me and my two friens’s Hafsa and Jihan that picture was at a wedding that we celebrated in a big restaurant near to Masquefa.
    the activities we do are dancing eating..
    and fianlly i give she my present:)

  15. Alicia Robles Indiano

    Hello Maribel!

    Well, now I’m going to explain you my photo.
    In the photo there are my two cousins and I. In the photo appear my two cousins. They are brothers and Josep Mª is the oldest and Oscar is the youngest.

    Truthly, the photo was taken by my aunt the day before of my birthday. However, I don’t remember clearlt but it is written behind the photo.
    We were on a camping in Tarragona, and that day was sunny. We went to the beach and we swam in the sea.

    bye bye!

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