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oral activity: speaking bag

Dear students,

This term we are going to enjoy with an oral activity called “speaking bag”. Bring to class a special object for you, show it to your peers and tell us about it, what it means for you, what it reminds you of, why it is important for you.

We will bring the object inside a paper bag provided by the teacher and pass it to a partner once you have finished.

To avoid forgetting about your presentation, please, once you have done it in class, write a short summary on the blog.

Thanks to all of you again and keep talking!….. in English!

You’re doing a great job!

Diagnosis test

On our first class, you took a diagnosis test, whose main aim is to give me an idea of how good your English is. It consisted of two different parts, a reading comprehension exercise and several grammar activities, from basic to higher level.

Well, the tests have been corrected and, to tell you the truth, the results could be much better. The reading part is quite alright in general, but your grammar seems to have not come back from summer holidays yet.

Anyway, we begin a new course and we all need to work a lot on the subject, so please start as soon as possible with your workbook, your revision and everything. As days go by, I will add some more links on the menu on the right with grammar webs, to start with, you can click on the extra activities one, it will take you to a huge page where many graded exercices can be found and done.

Good luck everyone and work hard… if you need any help, please do not hesitate to talk to me, you will find me at school or here, in the blog, feel free to post your comments at any time.