Monthly Archives: September 2011

Writing an e-mail

1. Llegeix, copia i tradueix aquest text al teu dossier

2. Al teu dossier, escriu un text sobre tu mateix/a canviant les paraules subratllades per dades teves.

I’m Anna, your new penfriend. I am fourteen years old. I’ve got one brother and one sister. We live in London, but my parents aren’t from London. They are from Ireland.
I am not interested in sport, I prefer music. I like hip hop. I play the electric guitar but I am not very good. My friends and I have a rock band. We go out together on Wednesday afternoon.
I go to Paddington High School. My favourite school subject is maths, my maths teacher is Mr Taylor. My best friend’s name is Harriet. She isn’t in my class, she studies in a different school.

Write soon