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conditional sentences: exercise key

unit 36 first conditional

exercise A

1. comes … will go   2. writes … will tell   3.will forgive…pays   4.will feel…stops   5.needs…will lend   6.listens …will know

exercise B

1.unless you telephone first  2. if they don’t invite you   3. if you can’t swim   4 unless we win on saturday

unit 37 second conditional

exercise A

1. she would go   2. she lived   3.didn’t eat  4. he would have  5.she got  6.he wouldn’t smoke

exercise B

1. if they discovered oil in Ireland…  2. If doctors found a cure for cancer  3. if young people stopped liking pop records  4. if astronauts visited Mars

exercise D

1. If we went by plane we would arrive earlier  2. They would listen to you if you insisted 3. If I was you, I would complain  4. the children would stay at home if it rained   5. would you write to me if you had my address?  6.we wouldn’t see anything if we didn’t have enough candles  7. if you stopped smoking, you would breathe better.

unit 38 third conditional

exercise A

1. had… lost… would have phoned  2. had…broken…would have gone  3. would have made … had…forgotten

exercise B

1. If she had spoken German better, she would have applied for the job   2.  if her friend hadn’t phoned, she wouldn’t have heard about teaching jobs  3. if she hadn’t contacted the company, they wouldn’t have asked her to go for an interview  4. If the interview had gone badly, the director wouldn’t have offered Ellen a job.  5. If Ellen had known some Spanish, she would have started at once.

Future tenses: exercise key

photocopied exercises – future tenses key

unit 19 Present tenses for the future


1. where are you going? long are you staying? 3. when are you going? 4. are you going alone? 5. are you travelling by car? 6. where are you staying?


2.’m working late 3.I’m going to the theatre with my mother 4.I’m meeting Julia at 8 pm.


example answers: 2. I’m going to work tomorrow morning 3. I’m not doing anything tomorrow evening 4 I’m playing football next Sunday 5. I’m going to a party this evening.


3. are having 4. opens … finishes 5. am not going… am staying 6. are you doing 7. are going … begins 8. does this train get  9. am going … Are you coming 10. is coming …is travelling… arrives …am meeting 11. am not using 12. does it finish.

unit 23 will and I’m going to


2. I’ll lend 3.I’ll get 4. I’m going to wash 5. are you going to paint 6. I am going to buy 7. I’ll show 8. I’ll have 9. I’ll do 10. it is going to fall 11. he is going to have … he’s going to do


1. I’ll get 2. I’m going to sit …I’ll join 3. you’ll find 4. I’m not going to apply 5. you’ll wake up (you are going to wake up is also possible) 6. I’ll take…We’ll leave…Ann is going to take.

unit 24 will be doing and will have done


2. b is true 3. a and c are true 4. b and d are true 5. c and d are true 6. c is true


2. we’ll have finished 3. we’ll be playing 4. I’ll be working 5.the meeting will have finished 6. he’ll have spent 7. he’ll have been 8. you’ll still be doing 9. she’ll have travelled 10. I’ll be staying 11. will you be seeing

unit 4

unit 4 contents

the future

grammar: future tenses (will+infinitive, be going to, present continuous, future perfect, future continuous)

vocabulary: change and experiment; phrasal verbs

writing: informal letters

reading: predicting the future


oral activity: reading aloud

Find a text that you want to share with the rest of the class, contextualize it (say where it belongs to, who its author was) and explain why you find it interesting. Then read it aloud for one minute. This is your oral activity for the second term. When you are done, post a short summary of your experience on the blog.

Your text may be a newspaper article, a poem, a song, a novel, a review, a personal letter, a biography… whatever will do as long as it is in English.

unit 3


– relative clauses (relative pronouns and adjectives, defining/non-defining clauses, omission of relative pronouns)

-noun suffixes

-comparatives and superlatives

– phrasal verbs

– reading and listening

– writing-. for and against essay

Cinema: Gran Torino

These days we have been watching the film Gran Torino. It’s an interesting film that deals with many universal topics. It’s the story of an old man and his Hmong neighbours in a town in the American Midwest.

Which topics are shown in the movie? Think about the film and give your opinions.