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Unit 7, writing: opinion essay

Young offenders in the USA sometimes have the choice of going to a boot camp instead of prison. Boot camps involve military discipline and hard labour. Some boot camps, like the one Tanya was sent to, are not part of the legal system, and it is the parents’ decision to make their children join these places.

Are boot camps a good idea? Write an essay giving your opinion.

(Student’s book, pages 78 & 79)

slumdog millionaire

Unit 6 is focussed on TV and cinema. Who wants to be a millionaire? is a popular game show which is known all over the world. The film Slumdog millionare is the story of a young man from India who is just one question away from the top prize. How did he manage to get so far in the quizz? Will he finally get all the money?

We’ll find out about this and many more characters, we’ll see how the poorest people survive in the worst conditions, how humans may struggle among difficulties of all kinds… a tough story, sad and moving, but full with lessons to learn.

As usual, this is your space to post your opinions, feelings, comments and practise English too. You are all very welcome.