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I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody.

Sorry I couldn’t come these three last days. I’d have liked to say goodbye properly, but I thought you would find a bit of suspense interesting.

Well, everything’s gone alright, as you see in the picture (the one without the white beard).

So, take care, have fun, relax and… don’t forget your Christmas homework.

Merry Christmas, again!


Well, well, a nice day for all the Barcelona supporters. What about you, teacher, you’ve won the ‘4rt ESO PORRA’, haven’t you? Eh, julio?

Yes, that was a nice day for all of us. Out of the blue, they applauded us, really spectacular. Nothing else to say, nothing else to see.

I hope we’re so lucky in the second leg (‘partit de tornada’). Bye, best wishes to everyboy!!

This was luisillo. Now it’s me, Constanteacher. I have no words, only thank you very much for letting me win the ‘porra’ for the second consecutive time. I’m a richer man now.

I don’t agree with luisillo in one aspect: we won’t be lucky again, we will be better again!

Just in case you’re curious: a good translation for ‘bany’ or ‘repàs’ could be ‘a clean sweep’.

This time I’m very glad to show everybody the front pages of our best friends. 😉

A letter from a faraway place

Firstly, let me welcome our new ESO-3 students: you’re new to the level and to this blog too!

Secondly, the writing task… Well, imagine yourself in a remote land, a very distant place you want to be, or you’re are in with your friends on a school trip. Do you imagine it? Now, write a letter to your best friend, a really close friend you usually exange confidences with. Tell him/her how exotic the place is, what you’re doing there (visiting, exploring, taking notes for a school project…), what you’re visiting next, whatever anecdotes you find amusing, etc.

Not enough ideas? Then, have a look at the models in your school books.

Strange but true

OK, ESO-4, you’ve got all excited about mysteries, and you’re ready to tell us all about the strangest experience in your life. Did you see a bright object too near outside while you were flying on an plane? How can you explain those non-human noises you heard when all lights went off, and you were alone at home? Who did that tiny head at the end of a long, long neck belong to, the one that stuck out of the sea surface in the distance while you were swimming near the beach?

Anyway, how do you like this beginning?

It was a windy night. I was lying in bed when I heard some strange sounds. First, I heard some howling outside. ‘It’s only the dog’, I said…

[Don’t forget to click on the TITLE (there’s a hyperlink) to some amazing news!]

Frankie and Mary

It’s BAT-1’s turn now! Good Frankie’s back to keep us all a little… anxious. However, what do we know about Frankie’s mummy, Mary Shelley? Let’s make them, BAT-1, struggle with the following question:

Mary Shelley was only nineteen and was expecting a baby when she wrote Frankenstein. Imagine yourself in two years from now, and put yourself in her place. How would you feel?

[Well, I feel generous myself today; I feel like making their lives easier, if they just click on her name.]

Help friend Andy

OK, we’re back, and this time it’s for real again! Our friends in BAT-2 will try to throw some light on the following problem concerning the famous ‘Three Laws of Robotics’:

‘In what order should a robot (like friend Andy in the picture) do these three things: protect itself, protect human beings, obey orders?’

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The Holland pics

Hi people!

The photos of Amsterdam that I promised. The first is on the gay’s festival. They were dressed of policemans. There were a lot of gays went by boat on the channels of Amsterdam.

In this photo there are “magic mushrooms”.
We couldn’t taste it because to eat, the mushrooms have to be boilt.

The next two photos are on museums. On the left, a photo in Heineken’s museum and on the right a photo of the torture museum, a chair with a lot of spikes.

And finally, the last photo is all the sardana’s group dancing in a square of Haarlem.

The Portugal pics

Here you are. Three from the Portugal pictures we took during our holidays. You can see me having a beer in Lisbon at the Brasileira, with famous poet Pessôa behind me; then, in Lisbon too, in the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos cloister; and, finally, in the Roman ruins of Conímbriga.

I wish to thank Taril, Maxim and SterCat for their contributions on their holidays. Have you already read them? SterCat’s description of her Amsterdam adventure is quite exciting, and I can hardly wait to see those pics she’s promised.


Hi, my beloved students

I’m back from Portugal, arrived yesterday evening. Very nice country, excellent food (don’t worry, I haven’t put on too much weight).

But that’s not the news: I’ve finally got it! Well, I should have got it earlier in July: it was sent from England on July 15 – then there’s the Spanish post service. And… I’m already on page 18, reading that exciting initial interview between the Minister of Magic and the British Prime Minister.

Eh, I haven’t heard from you in weeks! Where are those promises of posting something on the blog? Well, have a nice end of summer holidays, I’ll see you in September.


Let me congratulate everybody for this schoolyear. It’s been one of the best. I’ve enjoyed it a lot, I hope you too. Now it’s holiday time at last.

Well, I don’t want to spoil the fun, but let me give you some advice. Not just about always wearing sunscreen.

Keep using your English: read the news, read about your favourite subjects, listen to your favourite songs and read the lyrics, watch your favourite films in English and with English subtitles on DVD, keep posting your opinions and comments to this blog, send any composition you want corrected to my mail address… and do some of our summerwork suggestions. Don’t forget to click on the links, they are there to make things easier!

Enjoy your summer holidays!