Frankie and Mary

It’s BAT-1’s turn now! Good Frankie’s back to keep us all a little… anxious. However, what do we know about Frankie’s mummy, Mary Shelley? Let’s make them, BAT-1, struggle with the following question:

Mary Shelley was only nineteen and was expecting a baby when she wrote Frankenstein. Imagine yourself in two years from now, and put yourself in her place. How would you feel?

[Well, I feel generous myself today; I feel like making their lives easier, if they just click on her name.]

16 thoughts on “Frankie and Mary

  1. Victor

    I wouldn’t fell like this probably becouse i can’t be pregned becouse I’m a man. But if you ask to me that seriously I think I would feel really stressed. Why? just think it; I would have to leave studying and go working. Also another detail: while I’m working, with who I let the baby? A babysitter is so expensive and my parents work, in general, I think that a situation like that (but lets IMAGINE that, becouse i am a man…) I would feel really really stressed and I would probably abort.

  2. Victor

    On my comment, I forgot to add a small detail that is that on the link of Mary Shally, there is a mistake: when you click it, it takes you to a webpage about London.

  3. ConstanTeacher

    Something might be haunting your computer, Victor. I’ve checked the link twice, and it takes me alrigth to the Wikipedia’s entry on Mary Shelley.

  4. Maxim_de_la_Orhei

    Hello.Whith all that little problems you can turn crazy. And I think that she did. I think that she was a little stupid when ran from home but I hope she did it for a good cause.
    Now, I will try to imagine me in her situation.Thats not very bad when you know what will happen to you in the future.I agree with victor,in present i will abort.But I don’t think that in those years you could abort. I think what that word didn’t existed by that times. I think that whith stress i would lose the babe if I don’t want it.I think that she wanted it, so she didn´t lose it. In this condition is very difficult to imagine, no sorry, it’s easy to imagine but it’s difficult to express the fellings. I would fell confused and worry about the baby and my future. I would chose the same way as Merry, because i see only two options: write something or do nothing. And that night was a very good oportunity for write something.

  5. Ara

    Hi teacher!! You remember that I forgot my password? already I have discovered it!!
    If I was Mary Shelley do not I know if to have aborted, I suppose not, but I’m not to be able to write a book… because I don’t like write, and I’m very badly writer!
    Here you have my comment, It not very well but I dont know that to put!! Well teacher, bye bye!!

  6. francesc_05

    Hello teacher. My imagine is very little when I thought expecting a baby because I’m a man,but I try. In the nowadays I’m aborted, because is very young and she will responsabilitys. In this age, probabily I thinking, because the expectation in this age is very short.

  7. constantstudent

    i try to put it like a formal litter

    Dear teacher,

    I read your entry where you said that we have to imagine our self in the situation of Mary when she was writing Frankenstein, but you perfectly know that it’s impossible to do it, because on the one hand, she was expecting a baby and the man can’t do it and on the other hand, she was the son of a big philosopher and we are not.

    It’s true that we can imagine some aspects of her state, like do the competition with the friends for write the best history and like leave our house very younger. It’s difficult but not impossible.

    In my opinion, if I was in a rivalry like the Mary Shelley one, I won it without doubt, although I don’t like write histories. Because I also think that if one do it, there are another person who can do it too.

    It’s a interesting project, but it’s only for women. Please, in the next redaction put one part of the entry with the title: ’for men.’


  8. Marina

    Hi teacher!!
    Nowadays is very difficult that a 19 years old girl writes a book so important as Frankestein, because the girl, at that age, think about others things.
    If I was nineteen years old and I had the life that she had, I think that I would be very different, because I would have much responsability, since I would be pregnant, and it isn’t easy to raise a child, so young.


  9. Maxim_de_la_Orhei

    [Dear] Sergio,
    I heard about your problems with your nickname and I want to tell my opinion about this situation.
    In one hand i agree with you. It’s true that is difficult to pick a nickname. In my expirience, I tried about fivehunded nicks before enter in this blog. What do you think about my nick? It’s strange , is it? I used an strange and large one to enter. On other hand I desagree with you, because if you really wanted to enter you would try to enter your nick more than four times.
    I also think that you could use you mind to think. Ahh, gest joking.

    Maxim from Constanti

  10. Alonsita

    Lo cuelgo desde la página de la Marina pero soy ANA.

    Nowadays is almost impossible to imagine myself like this, because now the peolple study until twenty-five years old and then they get married and have a baby.
    Mary Shelley’s life had to be very complicated, because, whit only nineteen years old, she was already pregnat and wrote a book. She also travelled a lot since she was very young.
    She had to be a very inteligent and fighter girl to go a head by herserlf. I, personality, don’t think that I would be able to do it.


  11. ConstanTeacher

    Ok, this is not me either. This is worod-for-you’s contribution. Our friend worod-for-you has had some difficulties posting to our blog.

    Everyone know that people manufacture robots to use them in the factories or in the industrial areas, actually, in the 21st sentry robots are manufacture for houses , to do all homework, and obey the human orders.

    Some people think that if they have a robot, they can order him to do everything that they like even if it is bad or good, but that’s untrue because the robots circuits are fabricate to obey humans if it isn’t conflict with the three laws of robotic.

    However, I think that the robot’d made to obey any orders from human, because he is a machine without any ability to think or make decisions, so if he isn’t programmed to protect human beings, it is impossible that he do it.

    On the other hand I don’t think that a robot can protect itself if he obey all the human orders. So that I agree with the idea which said that a robot must protect its own existence, as long as such protection does not conflict with obeying orders or harming a human beings.


  12. marifer

    Hi teacher, finally! my coment is here!…

    I try to put my self in her place and I think that I can´t resist all the things that she went thrugh in her life, I think that especting a baby with 19 years old implies a lot of things that with this age is so hard and I could not resist. I think that she was a girl much diferent than us, because she lived in a world totally diferent. She has to much pain in her life, maybe for this she do all the things she did.
    I can´t not imagine myself being like her, because now life is so diferent, now everybody in this age is studying and get married and have a children is when have a job, house, and are selfssuported.
    For her age is incredible all she wrote, for me is impossible only to think about it.

    Well, that is my opinion…


  13. Ara

    Hi!! I’m CRISTINA!!
    I haven’t imagine my live with her live that busy. Filled of all that may and we can’t doing arrive imagine. I haven’t gone to travel around the world in search that emotions with the man almost to spend taht’s Mary Shelley.

    Perhaps, that her idealities had creation a world tilled the peace and love. The truth is that her live was very sad ecause she hadn’t have the clear ideas. When Mary Shelley was writting the book, she have very sad because the book is very emotioned.

    Eventually, I think that her live is very different with me because I wasn’t have able to writted her book, at nineteen years. I think that’s age is became rubished a lo of. The truth are they more affect the drugs and spirits. All for dreams that are death.

    Bye teacher,


  14. Alonsita

    hi teacher!
    If I was Mary Shelley, I don’t know that I can to bear all the problems she had. I feel alone and melancholy without my family and very much if I have had a miscarriage like she. Neither I imagine me writing a history like frankenstein, because I’m a very bad writer, you can opine with this commentary!!
    Finally I prefer my live although be more boring!

    soc la noemi desde el compte de la marina

  15. Alonsita

    If I was Mary Shelley, I had had one children and four too, because I can let if I don’t have problems with pergnancy. About Frankenstein I feel proud that write a novel like this. I belive that is a very exiting and interenting novel. I thought that Frankesntein was bad, but I bring he is good.
    bye teacher!
    Joan sóc la marina dede el meu compte

  16. Nano

    If I was Mary Shelly I would felt very unhappy and alone, but I had had a child and I had returned to my house. Because I’d need my family to pass this experience thed I’d publish my book “Frankstein” and I’d earn money, because I know it would be a good book. I’d go with my son and I’d buy a big house. And I would live happy and calm for ever.

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