A letter from a faraway place

Firstly, let me welcome our new ESO-3 students: you’re new to the level and to this blog too!

Secondly, the writing task… Well, imagine yourself in a remote land, a very distant place you want to be, or you’re are in with your friends on a school trip. Do you imagine it? Now, write a letter to your best friend, a really close friend you usually exange confidences with. Tell him/her how exotic the place is, what you’re doing there (visiting, exploring, taking notes for a school project…), what you’re visiting next, whatever anecdotes you find amusing, etc.

Not enough ideas? Then, have a look at the models in your school books.

15 thoughts on “A letter from a faraway place

  1. Estih

    Far far away…
    7 september 2005

    Dear Mum,
    I’m in a place far far away with my friends. Were having a bad time!

    At the moment we’re walking and walking. We’re doing a school project on Desert of Sahara.I’m writing you because I’m very frightened.

    This afternoon we’re eating some sandwiches. My friend Sara is singing and the rest are dancing. I don’t understand! They’re very happy and I’m frightened.

    Tomorrow we’re visiting a pyramid. It’s a famous monument of Egypt. Tomorrow afternoon we’re having a lunch, a big lunch!
    Hope to see you soon.

  2. Jesi


    Dear friend,
    I’m have a dream,to be dark.He stayed there,I stay there.He walked and walked to something I don’t know that.He to chanse something, a girl.I’m starting to cry, I’m cry and cry.

    The girl have strange characters. She have a look lost and false.He love to the girl but she no.She plays whit he, he don’t no know.I don’t is the couple perfect.They are verry differents.

    We stay only,until to come”The other”.Destroy they dream with He,to She ruin this adventure.I’m to saddler to cabany whit She.And who that to take whti He?¡¡I!!

    Best whishes,

  3. Antonio Duarte

    Somewhere of the
    Indic Ocean
    Friday,17th of
    July 2005

    Dear Miguel (if you’re him):

    Can you take a map and say me where am I? Well, I supose that you can’t do it, but it’s not important now. I’ve a lot of things to exlain to you.

    Because it’s the most strange place that I never said! I’m in a lost island after the ship where I were is sinked this morning, at 10:27 exactly! The plants in here are bad-tempered and I think they’re carnivor too! And the animals in here that normally don’t eat meat only eat that now, and the normally carnivor animals are herbivor now (and very friendly, too).

    At the moment I’m in the deep island’s forest .I called it ‘the Death Forest’ because it’s full of hungry plants and animals that in here they’re dangerous (dogs, cats, rabbits, and another domestical animals). But I met a nice aligator; I think it’s the most friendly aligator in the world, because he defends me of the dangers in here. It’s incredible, it isn’t that?

    Well, maybe I not see you (and nobody) never, but if it’s right, say to all my family that I always loved it!

    Hope to see you soon.
    Best wishes,

    Your cousin,
    Antonio Duarte
    (Bye-bye, guy!)

  4. NyTa

    Hi teacher! I’m Martha!

    28 august 2005

    Dear Soraya,
    I’m in India whit my best friend Laura. I’m very happy. This holidays are fantastics.

    In this moment I’m in my bedroom in the hotel Indian palace, is very beatiful and Laura is swiming in the swimingpool.

    This evening we will going a Jimmy’s party. Jimmy is Laura’s boyfriend. Tomorrow in the morning we will going a very important museum in this country and in the evening I’m go a disco because Laura go to Jimmy’s house.

    Hope to see you soon.
    Best whishes,

  5. NyTa

    26 july 2005

    Dear Gisela,
    I’m in a island which is called Hawaii.I’m with my friends Martha, Sergio and ruben in a hotel near the beatch.

    In this moment I’m writing this letter in the beach because the landscape is very beautiful. Martha is swiming in the beach whit Jesica is a Martha’s new friend. Ruben and Sergio listen musik in Ruben’s bedroom.

    This evening we will going to a party in the beach.
    Tomorrowin the morning we will go on a trip in a boat near the coast and lunch a picnic, in the afternoon Martha and I go shopping in the near country.

    Hope to see you soon.
    Best whishes,

  6. Utena

    The cavern of the meteor
    6 November 2005

    Dear L.Croft,
    I’m in Antarctic with my cousin,Julián.It’s half past ten in the morning.We’re having a good and real time!
    In this moment we’re in the cavern.It’s a very big and striking cavern,but is fierce and very sinister,too.The weather is bad,because it’s cold and a little windy.Yesterday,we’re to discovering a dissec spider,she’s to be as ungly as sin!
    Tomorrow evening we’re going to the forgotten city of Tinnos.It’s 2400 years old.Then,we’re having lunch.You to be right!,Antarctic is a fantastic and very beautiful place!!!
    Hope to see you soon.
    Best wishes,

  7. adria

    Anchorage in Alaska North America 22 of April 2015

    Dear Genis,
    I am in Anchorage with my partners and ray. You know who you are ray? It is a dog of the snow and is my better friend here. We make a work of habits on the esquimal.

    At this moment we are in inglo writing this postcard. The climate is very cold but we have a great jacket and a great woolly hat that he protects to us of the cold. Alaska is very interesting because it is has iglúes enormous and many amused esquimales.

    In the evening we go from visit to the city of esquimales and teach to fish of its way. This morning we followed the esquimales because we want to learn its habits and we know a day in its alive one. We will eat in the iglú restaurant, eat bear and fish. It is not a delicious food but that is a new food.
    I will be again to Spain the 1 of March in the evening.
    I wait for back soon.
    Best wishes Adrià

  8. taisonz

    A leeter from a remote Place

    Pacific island 24th June 2000

    Dear James.
    I`m in a Pacific island. The weather in good but sometimes its raining. The days are very long.
    There are a lot of wild animals for exemple:Pumas sharks, snake…
    The life here is hard. Can you go go to my island, please?
    The last month I did a journey to Australia from South America. The plane took and avenage and it exploited. Everybody dies but I didn`t die.
    After that I swam to this Island.
    Hope to see you soon
    Best wishes

  9. Kawiti

    Aaron Martínez
    Laponia’s Land

    22nd January 1999

    Dear Israel,
    I’m in the Santa’s land, I’m in Laponia. The wader like here is very very cold. The days are very short and the night very long.
    Yesterday, I did go to the Santa’s home, is not a fantastic house but is only the business and the publicity, is only a house. Next, I did go to Helsinki (the Finland’s capital), is a beautiful city and cold too. After that, I did visit the lakes, here in Finland (the lakes’ country) there are very lakes.
    The next week, I’ll do a travel to Sweden to visit Ikea and I’ll steal some pencils. Next of this, I’ll take a plane to Paris to return to Catalonia. In Paris I’ll buy you a present and too in Finland and Sweden. I’ll call you when I stay in Barcelona.

    Hope to see you soon.
    Best Wishes,

  10. genis

    Sahara Desert
    Next to the mountains
    25th November 1998

    Dear Adrià,
    I’m in the Sahara Desert, it’s horrible I’m hungry. I’m prom to shelter in a cove, is next to very big mountain, it’s full the plants and very estrange animals (snakes, scorpions, camels…).

    At the moment I’m fine. I’m drinking cola and water and I’m eating a can of sardines, olives and potatoes. I’m carry this provisions in my bag. I don’t know as arrive at this situation.

    I’m for a week in this cove. This evening I’m going explore the mountains and take the plants edible. I did read books and magazines for be happy, next I think my future and maybe I dead!!

    Hoppe to see you soon.
    Best Wishes,

  11. rubia


    Dear Sophie,

    I’m in a cruise with my family and my friend Andrea.We’re in Madacascar!!!!it’s a beautiful island.We’re doing our holidays and we’re having a great time!!!!

    At the moment we’re in park.My family are to going for a walk and I’m listenig to my Mp3 and writing this letter to you!kate are phoning her parents.Here,the sun is shinning it’s very hot!!!

    This evening,we’re going to Seychelles islands,and we’re doing a trip in a submarine!
    Tomorrow,we’re doing a party in a beach with new friends!

    Hope to see you soon
    Best wishes,

  12. ConstanTeacher

    Hi, this is from Davinia, who posted it in the wrong place. The title of her post was ‘Amazonas’.

    Dear ammy:

    Hi Ammy, I´m Davinia.I´m in Amazonas (Brasil).We having a bad tame,It´s raining
    and windy.

    The Amazonas are very beautiful,there are tall trees and very exotics animals.
    At the moment I´m lunch with monkeys.We are eating some fruit and fish.

    This morning I´m running with the panters and swimming with the fish and the dolphins.Sometims the elephants are going to de river and drinking,and the littel elephants are playing.

    This afternoom I´m going a littel town.I`m having a new friend.Her name is “Helen”.
    She is in holidays.She has got a two sisters and one brother.
    Then I´m slepping under the moon.

    Best wishes,


  13. ConstanTeacher

    Hi, this is from Sandra, who posted it in the wrong place. The title of her post was ‘El león dormido’

    Dear Miriam:

    How are you?I fell all right.

    I’m in a Pacific island,his nameb is “El Leon Dormido”.It’s a big beach with a lot of palm,and many tropical bird.I’m fascinate, It’s very hot,butr in three week I never see the rain.

    Here are a little people, they are only native and indigenous, but I love this place, the old people say:When God created the world, he come here to eat, to rest and sleep.

    Sometime I go to swim in a lake, but I never go back, because I see a lot of alligator,I have a lot of fear. This afternoon I go run with a new friend, his name is”Marco”. I don’t tell you any more , I see you in a week.

    I miss you.



  14. tati

    Hi, this is from tati, who posted it in the wrong place.
    I’m in the camping of Granada with my family, my cousin Ruben and my aunt Mary. We are staying two weeks and tree days, some enjoyable holidays!

    At moment i’m in swiming pool, writing your letter. I’m a well know people very nice and very funny. I go for a walk every day in the mountain of Sierra Nevada.

    Tomorrow we go to skate in the park “gilisvars”, the centre of city. They say that is very exiting but a little difficult…

    KISSES! Bye!!!

    Love: your friend…TATY!

  15. ---------OnE---------

    .. .. 2005

    Dear Friend:

    Really… I don´t know the date. I´m only know, I´m dissapared.
    This site is very strange. It isn´t trees, it isn´t telephons, it isn´t houses, and
    it isn´t people!. I´m only too, and the most dramatic is… that is a desert!

    I don´t know where is my family and my dear boyfriend. I´m only
    know a bus, is walking to my house and says:
    – a person to see you.
    We´re going to a decert site and that leaved me and desapared fast.

    Now… I´m very strange, because I´m felt nothing, no pain, no
    love for no body people. Only recorded to see finally to a girl whit white
    clothes, and she says:
    – I kill you…
    I´m dead…

    Best wishes


    ×÷•.•´¯`•)» W@nd@ «(•´¯`•.•÷×

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