The Portugal pics

Here you are. Three from the Portugal pictures we took during our holidays. You can see me having a beer in Lisbon at the Brasileira, with famous poet Pessôa behind me; then, in Lisbon too, in the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos cloister; and, finally, in the Roman ruins of Conímbriga.

I wish to thank Taril, Maxim and SterCat for their contributions on their holidays. Have you already read them? SterCat’s description of her Amsterdam adventure is quite exciting, and I can hardly wait to see those pics she’s promised.

2 thoughts on “The Portugal pics

  1. Mina

    In a forest

    Dear Ann,
    I am in the forest, in a dark forest and cold, it causes fear to me.Not that I am doing aqui, I am single, there is nobody. I am in a wood cabin.
    The cabin is small and with few furniture, single there is a great chimney, it warms up enough. But there are no telephones, but with my dove I obtained enviarte this letter. I hope that me you can be able to answer, because I need aid.
    I wait for your aid the sooner, this place gives much fear me, the sounds are heard that emit the wild animals of the forest. Help to me Ann, help to me!

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