Strange but true

OK, ESO-4, you’ve got all excited about mysteries, and you’re ready to tell us all about the strangest experience in your life. Did you see a bright object too near outside while you were flying on an plane? How can you explain those non-human noises you heard when all lights went off, and you were alone at home? Who did that tiny head at the end of a long, long neck belong to, the one that stuck out of the sea surface in the distance while you were swimming near the beach?

Anyway, how do you like this beginning?

It was a windy night. I was lying in bed when I heard some strange sounds. First, I heard some howling outside. ‘It’s only the dog’, I said…

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17 thoughts on “Strange but true

  1. Bruno

    Strange but true

    Many years ago, a boy called Mike was saying that had seen a monster that was going out every night of his cupboard and it was going for the whole house in search of food and in the mornings there was nothing in the frige.
    The boy said it to his parents but they didn´t believed him.

    One day decided of throwing all the food to see that the monster do.When the monster looked that not are nothing, he ate the family of Mike.

    Mike took a knife very big and killed the monster.His family returned to life and he never said the history to his parents.

    Sorry the other one it was bad.

  2. nerea15

    Some weeks ago, in a current afternoon, I was alone in my house because it rained all afternoon. I was listening to music and suddenly the light went away so, I began to ignite candles and to close windows. I thought that my mum come early but I was wrong because the hours were happening and nobody come.

    Suddenly I heard a noise that came of the stairs of my block. Whili I was coming to the door for look to peephole, my mobile phone was ringing in my bedroom.

    I took this and I heard sighs, I scared and I left my house running and shoutting.

  3. Aycy

    It was a strange afternoon, dark and rainy, I came at home, I had see a terror film. When I came at my street there wasn’t light. Everything was moving itself for the wind, the water was hitting against my face, I entered to the portal and I felt a shiver, I didn’t see nothing and the elevator wasn’t working.

    With little fear, I started raising stairs until I came to the first floor, I lived in the fifth, I was beginning to heared strange noises, at the second floor, I stumbled me with John, a neighbor, when I saw his face, I calmed down me. I continued rising the stairs and I trod on a poor cat! It began to run, and finally I found me with a thing white, it was a neighbor that there was leving the shower.

    I scared so much that I left running until that I went to my house I openned the door and everything lights openned it. I was to except

  4. yasmina

    All was beginnig a day that I was alone at home. I began to watch tv and then I heard a strong blow in my bedroom, I thought that were he the neighbors so, they wasn’t…

    But then the noise returned and this time was more strong and more fast. I went to my bedroom but the noise stopped.

    When I went to dinner room, the noise return and finally I knew that the noise was under the bed, so, I ran to street because I has fear. I never knew that was that one noise because never I was heard it.

  5. Tomelloso

    about three months ago I was going of vacations to amer; one night I and two more friends were going into in the forest; we were walking during five minutes, the three were very quiet while we seeing an enormous mansion with a great dog in your entrance, while were arriving to the territory of the mansion the lights they were turning on and we were seeing shades for the window.

    We were hiding and me tired of little action I was throwing a stone toward the house, suddenly without any because the lights were turning off and my friends and I were running toward our house.

    While we were arriving we were more calm and we think that maybe alone It was chance or maybe they were observing us from inside;we were deciding us weren’t to return over there because It was very strange.

  6. LoKiYa

    The experincie that I had but interesting was when I was in my house with my sister.
    We were the two single ones seeing one film of terror 12 d the night… the film didn’t give much fear… but we listen to a noise suddenly stranger.
    Us it be two o’clock to the kitchen and not it had nobody, then to be giving returned by the house, and nothing, not it had nothing nor nobody.
    Then we returned to listen to stranger noise… but to come of a trunk that to have in the attic, we opened it and we didn’t see nothing.We’re you we remain been strange because the noise to come of and was very extrange what there didn’t ubiese anything.
    Let us begin to listen as somebody spoke, we begin to shout because teniamos very many fear.

    When happening awhile no longer to listening nothing, but to end d a good short while when we went away to see film again we begin to listen to again the voice. Let us begin to say that who was that she left. Then us contest and said what to us was a spirit who haca decades that to live in this house, that to assassinated it here. We remain in target and good we begin to chat with the spirit.

    Pas a good short while, already almost amaneciay my sister and I to want to solve the problem that tapeworm the spirit so we take to the cemetery, opened their tomb and I remain ayi for always, Now to be able to rest well, without nobody bothered to him.
    When they were the 6 of the maana we went running to our house to put to us in our beds before they saw our parents us.

  7. Antoaneta


    I and my friends decided to maked a bet for who to know haw to going to light house bewitched.I and Marta falled going of a light house in a might night.We arrived and coming in a light house.The doors closed and put and of the lights.We were very frightenet and Marta runing.

    I shouted, but she wasn’t listening.I decided going to searching ,when I going up the stairs,Ifining to office clean,for wearing old,I continue going up,and looking my friends.We reversing and saw the strang man.

    We frightened and runing to towords for the door.The door wasn’t opened and return sow the man smail.The door opened and we running for the villoge.After to two days I met to a old diary,and say:´´The light house man was killed,to 15 of october to 1892 for strange circustance´´

  8. desiree

    In a strange day of storm very clouded, something happened very strange in my house.
    The night of the storm change the life of my family radically. To my sister were begun to grow the eyes and the mouth. It was a very strange event; but there is even but, to my sister you him, to grow him barb, to leave him very long eye-teeth and he/she began not to sleep at night and to sleep by day.

    They also passed him very strange things to my mother. She has my sister’s same symptoms and he also dropped hair and they appeared him but long and white. Was very strange because I didn’t have any problem of change of physical aspect.

    It was then when we remember that they left camping site and they were bitten by something very strange. We went to many specialized experts and nobody was able to discover it’s bad. Until we gave with the doctor Joan García Viltró that discovered the wrong of my family. Those changes was caused by a bite of an animal stranger; it was a mixture between wolf and bear. My mother and my sister were never treated and every night of storm changes their aspect. The doctor Joan García Viltró to days of today 20 years after that happened, it continues investigating our case.

  9. Alba

    One of my experiences that I have had was last month, a Saturday night, on the 23:30.Wen I with my sister Mary and my friend Laura in my house, we listen some noises we look at us and him did not we give importance because we think that could be the wind of the street.

    We decide to be going to see the TV, we were seeing the TV I lock we listen again the noises, this time were but large. Then, fuímos the three to take a walk by the house to see of where originated the noises. We arrive at the kitchen and havia nothing, then we were al small bath and we listen something….we open the small cabinet and we saw as a shadow left quickly of the cabinet, we were very frightened and we were us running to the street. When we arrive at the street we decide to return again home to see if was. We went to the house and we were quickly al I tan of bath, and nothing, we look at for all and we did not see anything, so we were us again al fourth to see the TV. No longer we listen but the noises and did neither we see but shadows.In two hours we saw wing shadow and we remain amazed, was the spirit of a woman that went dead person of the town. It was put has us to speak and we also. It explained us that came so that we told their daughter and to its husband that wanted a lot of.we we accept and the woman went we went to do the favor to the woman and the husband and the daughter they remained incredulous but after speaking so many times were believed it.

    Sunday morning we were the three al Cemetery and we saw the tomb of the woman and we look at the photo, and we remain amazed when we saw that the woman winked us the eye. And also, he wrote in the crystal: ”Many young thanks”, we wink him the eye and we were us. And now each week we go al Cemetery to see ours family and to the woman. And this is the end of some of the experiences but incredible that I have had.

  10. Softon

    I write to not really story in my live. But in my live don’t happen a strage expirience. But this is a good story…

    Hello, I’m Julian, I talk for one storyu to happen in my live. I live in Constanti with my family and friends. On day I and my group of school go to the country of the ville excursion, but one group of 6 or 7 friends confouse in country (I incloding) suddenly statrt rain, but we don’t arrive to school, we don’t search ine place, to wait the rain finished. And we go to the house and entry in this. That house is old and we was mess, but is biggen of the ville. Agree visit the diferent parts of the house, in my group of friends to have, less friends.

    When we to realize, and run to exit to this house, the doors closed and one voice talk, this voice have my other friends. Suddenly somebody get to the stairs. A dall talk, I and my friends be sorprised, the dall talking about how have my other friends, and talk about kill my and my friends. But the dall no count with rain and the thundering, one thunder, deen in the roof and produce fire, and the dall burn. We help the other friends, break the windows and run to the school. When come we look my gropu of school and come to school nothing talk with nobody adn remember this story far the finish of the days in we’re live.

  11. Ruben

    This story isn’t really, it is a history of much fear…

    A day of all the saints I go to the cementiry with my father, my brother and my mother. I saw a stange tomb and I go for see of who was. This tomb is of George Clark. I don’t know who is this person and I like nonwise of that was I was, but I rise a man with a gun in the hand. it said that I kill to him in World War II, but like nonwise of which he spoke he scares to me. I to him said that not be and that nonwise nothing of anything. Then me I up, and I saw that a dream was everything badly, but I have left with the fear in the body when I saw in the news that that happened with another boy…

    I throw to the ground and he kills to me when I saw that it was certain with another person.


    Four or three weeks ago, I was in my living room seeing the film of The Lord of the Rings. It was so late, around half past three approximately, I was feeling sleepy, and I also had to go to school the following day, so I decided to go to bed. I was unable to sleep because I heard some cries from far away. I wrap up, also my head, to try not to listen the cries but they seemed to be more and more near to me. I finally decided to listen music of my mp3 and think that those cries come from a house of one of my neighbours. The next day I woke up I think about those stranges cries. The first and the last time I had listened to that cries was that day, and I hope not to listen again.

  12. Aycy

    Made for :SARAY SANCHEZ

    The terrible scare!!

    This is my story…

    My friend and I, the day of halloween,at 23’00h,we’re in the squere of the Church,when to appear the misterios Men face’s,it’s a boy,speak my friend.
    The boy, playing to squere whit her’s friends,and he’s don’t bother.

    At twelve o’clock,song the bell,about all nights.We decide going to a town,because doesn’t poeple at the street,to seem a phantom town,squere’s idle,don’t not have and others persons…

    Suddently,I’m listen to noisy…When I’m look to the other steet ,when I see the estrange men runing to later we ours,and we’re runing…the men face’s shout:
    When we’re runing but.
    While listened ,later the car blue, at men…! He scared the suddently!!
    My friend ask: Can I help you?
    And the men answer: She to spoil the wallet,only having to give back! 😉

  13. Aycy

    Made for: Vanesa Núñez

    Two weeks ago, I was in grandmother’s Marina house, I staying with Marina, Ara and Mar. We were playing a game.

    A game of spiritism, the name of game was Veronica. When we were playing, my mobile phone started to sound. Has my dad, he said:
    -Your brother is in the hospital.
    I was very nervous. I asked to Veronica to my brother. I asked: It’s my brother in dangerouys?
    Veronica asked me, yes.
    I was putting my boots and runed to my home. When I arrived, I phone my aunt.
    Ten minuts later my cousin went with me to the hospital. When we arrived my dad said: your brother it isn’t in danger, he arrived to hospital breathing with average lung, but alredy the this best one.

    Two hours later my brother was at home, and I’m doesn’t playing to Veronica never.

    This story belongs

  14. Ayelen

    On summer’s holidays 1999,my family and I traveled to Cordoba(Argentina).We were staying in a camping,and my dad decided went to the mountain.

    In the mountain,my sister,my cousin and I,was walking on a promenade,and were listening stange noises,I was very frigthening,because the noises was horribles.

    Oh!I’ts incredible!We watched a strange boy,I was sitting in a rock,looking at the sky.He is a ghosts.My mother shouted at me angrily,becuse it was in retard.We were running to the car,and I was telling the history to my family.
    My mum never believe me,but the history is really…

  15. laura

    This i pass had alomost one month stay in my house my cousin and i noth alone ones and begin to raining increasingly loudly ond like not cab to go out of the street since we decide to took a film of fear
    We go out my house and took the car people for rhe steer when arrive yo the video shop us cost to decide that movie saw and ultimatley yook one of fear the hidng place, when we go out video shop still most raining
    When we come to my house had gone the light but immediately i return this way that we put the movie, saw the movie a dw stange noises were listening that procedian of up cousin took a stisk and decide to rise up and we took a good gright to oueselves because she was my mother that had come when us had gone.

  16. Richie

    In the windy of 1999 my fathers and I moved of the town of mountain in a house made in a enormous stone.
    The house was next to the cementery. One night cold, in the meantime I was in my bed I was listening a strange song, was a song sad… similar a one requiem. I followed the song, it came of the cementery. When I arrived I looked a children death. In this moment he was playing the song sad which a white piano. In the not much time he looked me and said: I go to you…
    In this moment I waked in my bed.

  17. Maxim_de_la_Orhei

    Hi there.

    I know why do you hear all that noises and see flying objects: You should sleep more. And if you sleep a lot and see them anyway, You can found a psychiatrist in QDQ.

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