Hi, my beloved students

I’m back from Portugal, arrived yesterday evening. Very nice country, excellent food (don’t worry, I haven’t put on too much weight).

But that’s not the news: I’ve finally got it! Well, I should have got it earlier in July: it was sent from England on July 15 – then there’s the Spanish post service. And… I’m already on page 18, reading that exciting initial interview between the Minister of Magic and the British Prime Minister.

Eh, I haven’t heard from you in weeks! Where are those promises of posting something on the blog? Well, have a nice end of summer holidays, I’ll see you in September.

6 thoughts on “I’VE ALREADY GOT IT!

  1. Taril

    Hi teacher,
    We post from Venezia!!!In this summer my girlfriend and me go to Italy.
    Last week we went to Pisa and Florencia,this week we went to Roma and tomorrow we will visit Venezia.In three days we will to Milano for 2 days and com back to Constanti.
    Sorry because we can’t post a photo because I’m in a Cyber(internet point)of the Camping and We can’t scan any photo.
    Next month we will start the class!!!The summer is very short!!!
    When we will come back to my house We post a photo!!!.
    Bye theacher.

    By Marcos y Mary

  2. Maxim_de_la_Orhei

    Hi teacher,
    I’m writing from a borring but beautiful village ,it’s called Constanti.I hope you enjoied the travel to Portugal.
    I didn’t change a lot.I started visiting the public librery.From there i borrow CD’s with unknown songs and i’m trying to understand what are they saing.I found a lot of stupid songs whith no sens.
    This summer i didnt done a lot of interesting things so now for me the summer is long.
    See you in september.
    By maxim_de_la_constanti

    P.S. Please post one of your actual pictures.

  3. sTeR_cat

    Hi teacher!

    From the last friday to this wednesday I was in Holland. It was a unique experience! I went with the sardana’s group and we stayed two days at Haarlem (next to Amsterdam) to dance sardanas, we went to Amsterdam and we did a trip to Volendamm (a little town).

    We visited the Damm’s square, the Red’s area, the Van Gogh’s museum, the cheese factory, the torture’s museum, the Heineken’s museum (it was fantastic!), the Marihuana’s museum…but especially, the Coffe Shops! (it was a temple for me). We went by a boat to the channels of Amsterdam and by bike for the streets, because a lot of people go with it.

    The people think that Amsterdam is a paradise (sex, drugs and rock’n’roll), but there are more things. Also, I practise english a lot. I recommend for all the young people visit Amsterdam, probably they’ll think like me.

    I want to put photos in next days.


  4. LoKiYa

    hello teacher!!
    My holiday of summer I have passed them in constanti.Because my parents they worked.But I but I have gone with my friends to the beach, to take a walk, etc.One day I a day I was with my parents and my sister Alba we’re in the Lleida it stops to buy clothes and to spend the day in the city.Now it is necessary to really work because we are in 4º.
    Bye teacher!!!

  5. Alba

    Hello Teacher and Students!!!My Holidays of summer have been in Constantí!!!I goes to take a walk with my friends in Tarragona,goes with my parents and my sister to spend the day Lérida to and of buy clothes,I goes in a Beach,to dance to Gioconda(a disc of the port of tarragona)with my friends!!
    Bye Teacher and Students!!!

  6. `·.·•Lð_N€nî_®g€n7ïnð•·.·´


    Der Ann

    I am in the forest, in a dark forest and cold, it causes fear to me.Not that I am doing aqui, I am single, there is nobody. I am in a wood cabin.
    The cabin is small and with few furniture, single there is a great chimney, it warms up enough. But there are no telephones, but with my dove I obtained enviarte this letter. I hope that me you can be able to answer, because I need aid.
    I wait for your aid the sooner, this place gives much fear me, the sounds are heard that emit the wild animals of the forest. Help to me Ann, help to me!

    Best wishes,

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